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My Muslim Son’s Awakening from Autism

Over the years I’ve noticed that Muslim parents of  autistic children (not all, but some) do not know what a blessing Allah had bestowed upon them.

I feel that I have the need to start some form of communication with the Muslim community about this pressing issue … AUTISM.

Also, I have gathered some professionals to write about their experiences to show you all how to make life easier with this debilitating disorder.

Furthermore, I will include some helpful websites where you can browse around to get some learning materials to make learning fun, exciting, and successful for you, and your special child.

Most importantly, I will include a website where you can get spiritually recharged. I will be including video and audio lectures from some prominent Muslim scholars, which will help you to deal with the hardship that you may encounter from time to time. We all have our days when we feel, “I can’t go on anymore”, but the links that I will be posting will give you reminders insha’Allah, and they will help you to remember who to turn to in times of desperation.

Current estimates show that one in every 110 U.S. children has been diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder (autism, pervasive developmental disorder and Asperger’s). Numbers of diagnosed children are changing, but unfortunately not in a positive way. It is an alarming statistic. There is another concern particularly for a parents of boys … they are four times more likely to have autism than girls.

Autism doesn’t acknowledge borders, colors, race or religion. Consequently it is affecting us as a Muslim community.

Recently, it came to my attention that there are several families who are struggling to deal with the stigma of having a special needs child, and it is quite disturbing what I have heard. I am not going to write the stories of these people, since they had trusted me and reached out to me in their dire state.

Among the Islamic lessons we may benefit from as regards dealing with an Autistic or special needs child, let us consider these words of the Prophet (saas):

Narrated An-Nu’man ibnu Bashir: Allah’s Messenger (saas) said, “You see the believers as regards their being merciful among themselves and showing love among themselves and being kind, resembling one body, so that, if any part of the body is not well then the whole body shares the sleeplessness (insomnia) and fever with it.” (Sahih al-Bukhari)


Narrated Abu Musa: The Prophet (saas) said, “A faithful believer to a faithful believer is like the bricks of a wall, each enforcing the other.”  While saying that, the Prophet clasped his hands, interlacing his fingers. (Sahih al-Bukhari)

These ahadith don’t mean that we should build a brick wall around our autistic child to keep them from the world … these children should not be deprived from the outside world as they are among the bricks of this great wall.

My intention is not to judge, but to try to convince you, that having such a child in your life is not a CURSE, but rather it is a BLESSING.

Personally I feel privileged that Allah has entrusted me to be a part of my autistic son’s awakening. I use the word awakening, because before my eyes, he is breaking through the barrier that kept him away from us. I would like to share our story with you today in this first post.

In 2004, one day literally my world changed, and the great brick wall threatened to crumble … Amin, my 18 month-old baby boy, was diagnosed with autism. I felt that I had lost my son. He was physically there, but I couldn’t  even look into his eyes. His personality, temperament, and mannerism were changed.

In this kind of a situation parents go into a “FIGHT or FLIGHT” MODE.  In plain English it means; you either start the incredible fight for your child, or you sink into a hopeless state or one of denial.

As a Muslim mother though, I knew that there is no room for hopelessness, I had to start the fight. I am thankful for what I have. I learned that the Muslim’s state of mind is always balanced. We thank Allah for the good we get, and we are patient with Allah if we receive or experience difficulty because we remember Allah is the Merciful and He knows what is best for us – “And Allah knows, and you do not” [Qur’an 2:216].

The Prophet (saas) is reported to have said ,”How amazing is the attitude of the believer. Everything is good for him – and that is for no one but the believer: If good times come his way, he is thankful and that is good for him, and if hardship comes his way, he is patient and that is good for him.” (Authenticated by Al-Albani)

Thus, the purpose of this blog to help Muslim families with autistic children. To give them spiritual reminders and offer helpful, practical advice as well as a support network for those who have no other support.

Non-Muslim visitors, though, are welcome too. Anyone who  wants to be part of the great effort of helping these children, and the families blessed to raise them, is welcome here and asked to share their ideas with us.

So, I invite you all to join me in this journey, to see and appreciate the world from a different perspective.


  1. Assalamu Alaikum,
    Your article was very enlightening, and your efforts are noble, mashallah. May Allah reward you for this blog. I think it will be very helpful to other parents of children with autism. When my daughter was first diagnosed I would sit with despair at my computer typing “autism, islam, muslim” looking for duas, stories, experiences. Anything to help me find support in my time of need. I hope, inshallah, this blog will serve as a forum where we can all come together and share what we can to help each other on this very blessed journey.

  2. Assalamu alaykum sister,
    May Allah help you to remain patient !!
    Jazakallahu khair for that wonderful blog 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing more posts, In sha ‘Allah !!
    Wassalamu alaykum,
    With much prayers,
    Your sister in Islam.

  3. I just wrote to Safiyya- I already have tears in my eyes because I am so moved by your site. I will be here to answer any questions from others and pass along any new information that I learn. I hope my experiences can help others even though I am not in the classroom at the moment. I am happy to be here doing research, but I miss being around “my kids” every single day- there is not one day that passes that I do not think of them (2 scrapbooks in the living room and pictures all over the refrigerator keep me smiling)! Take care and thank you for starting this absolutely inspirational site! -Ms. Pryce

    • Ms. Pryce thank you for your input. We miss you around here. We are hoping that you will be a regular visitor at this blog.

  4. A big hello from Oakville, Canada. MashAllah, this is a wonderful blog, May Allah reward you.
    I am also a mother of a wonderful boy who has autism, and I have to admit he is my teacher, I learned and I am learning so much from him, I learned to be patient, accepting, and to live in the moment, Subhana Allah we are blessed with these wonderful children, and Alahmdou Lilah for being muslim, it keeps us balanced, and accepting of whatever Allah soubhanahou wa taala bestowes upon us. Calamities are celebrated by the very pious scholars, they actually celebrate them as it implies that their rewards are increased.
    Whatever Allah willed for us is best for us, and aren’t we lucky after all, these kids will enter paradise without judgment!! they are the luckiest people on Earth.

    All the best, and take very good care,

    • Asalaam aleikum Amina,
      Thank you for your encouraging words. I am so happy that you see autism as an opportunity to grow.

      I am just so delighted to meet someone who is on a same wave as I am.
      I, too had learned so much from my little boy, and keep learning. It is simply amazing how they react or view things in life. I am fascinated by his attitude and response every day.
      And indeed, they are the luckiest people on Earth… the pen is lifted for them.

  5. May Allah Subhanahou Wa Taala Bless and reward you.


  6. I would like to thank you for your wonderful and inspirational blog. I am not a Muslim but I am mother of a little boy recently diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum. I just felt compelled to let you that I find your blog a huge comfort and enlightening. You, your family and special little boy are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Thank you for your kind words, and welcome to this blog. I hope you will return often. If you have any questions feel free to ask them. I have therapist and special ed. teacher who can answer some of your questions. Also, the users can give valuable information as well, what worked for them and what didn’t. The kids are different, so something might work for my son and it will not work for yours, but it never hurts to be open minded. May God give you strength and patient for this journey…ameen.

  7. Your website is filled with both beautiful and inspirational posts, I look forward to continue reading it regularly.

  8. May Allah swt bless you and your child fir the great work you doing. I am a father of 5 yrs old autistic son.
    There is this ayat “verse” from Quran by reading 21 times and blowing on your child food or water. Which will help child speak and speak good words.

    • Surat Taha Vers 25 to 28
      Qala rabish rahle sadre. Wa yaser le amre. Wahlul oqdatam melessani yafqaho qawle

      25 (Moses) Said; My lord! relive my mind
      26 And ease my task for me
      27 And loose a knot from my tongue
      28 That they may understand my saying.

      • Asalaam aleikum. Thank you for your kind comments and sharing those verses with us. I have been reading them to my son and making him repeat the words for some time. Subhanallah, one day I had a sore throat, and at night I tried to read it for him, and i paused a bit, and that is when he started to recite all the verses by himself. All praise to God, i was crying of happiness.
        Thank you again, and please feel free to share any information with us. May Allah bless you and your family in this life and the hereafter…ameen.

      • asalaam aleikum. Thank you for sharing this information with us. I had been reading this to my son and making him repeat it for some time. Subhanallah one day i was sick and I had a hard time to read it to him, I had to pause and than he started reciting it all on his own. back than he was non-verbal. Only said a few words, he is much better alhamdulillah, but we still have a long way to go.
        May Allah swt bless you and your family in this life and the hereafter…ameen

      • AA, hamdullah I came to the right site after 4 yrs. Brother thanku for sharing this verse. My son is also diagnosed with PDD Nos he is 4 yrs old he only drinks strawberry flavor milk. If there is any Surah or ayah I cud blow over him so he starts eating solids n wonderful foods Allah has created.

        • ws, Any part of the Quran that is used for rokia can be recited over drinks food, olive oil etc. For example fatiha, Annas, Falaq, Iklas, Please check the ingredients in that strawberry milk because many have food coloring artificial sweetener and or preservatives that are adverse for children with autism. If your child like strawberry milk make it fresh at home with the real things.That way you know no food coloring and other additives are in it.

    • asalaam aleikum, just wanted to let you know that i got several emails from parents who read your comment about reciting, and they appreciate that you shared this with us. may Allah bless you…ameen

  9. thanx 4 clearifyin one thing dat these children r a blessin and not a curse coz ever since iam facing this situation i was confusd dat may b i have done something wrong dat Allah has tested me like this.coz u know there is this aaya dat vatever good happens to u is 4m Allah and vatever bad happens is coz of ur own deeds .so i was very confusd but u changd my prospective today.JazakAllah.

    • As-salaam alaikum Sister Umme Khadija

      Alhamdulillah. May Allah reward you for your concern about falling short in regards to your relationship with your Lord and may He guide you and us all to always be concerned about pleasing Him and remaining close to Him – ameen.

      Your question is a common question that many people ask when it comes to dealing with various trials that Allah tries us with in this worldly life. There are a few steps to understanding this issue well and I hope that my words will be clear and reassuring to you and anyone who reads this insha’Allah. The first step is to understand that this life is for testing and everyone experiences their form of trial in this life. Allah states what means,

      Every soul shall have a taste of death: and We test you with evil and with good as a form of trial. And to Us must you return. [21:35]

      The tafsir of this noble ayah states, “We shall test you, sometimes with difficulties and sometimes with ease, to see who will give thanks and who will be ungrateful, who will have patience and who will despair … with difficulties and with times of prosperity, with health and sickness, with richness and poverty, with lawful and unlawful, obedience and sin, with guidance and misguidance.” (Tafsir ibn Kathir)

      So having a special needs child is jut one test that Allah gave to us among the many tests that people experience. It is indeed a blessing from Allah because He, in His infinite wisdom, chose special parents for special children. He also chose these parents because they could handle this test as Allah elsewhere states,

      Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope … [2:286]

      This ayah means that Allah does not ask a soul what is beyond its ability. This only demonstrates Allah’s kindness, compassion and generosity towards His creation. (Ibn Kathir)

      So anyone who states that having a child with this disability is a result of sin is not correct. Certainly Allah gives the believers some of their punishment for their sins in this life and the difficulties we experience have a foundation in our sins, but we are all sinners and we are all held accountable for our sins, yet in different ways. The Prophet (saas) said in the authentic hadith, “Every human is a sinner, yet the best of the sinners are those who repent.”

      Yet, these children have much of blessing and goodness in them such that they may indeed be from the trial of goodness that Allah gives a servant. These children, if they remain in their condition are not held accountable for their deeds and as such, they are children of Jannah whose company we have the privilege to enjoy in this life. On the Day of Judgment, Allah will tell them to enter Jannah and as the Prophet (saas) narrates to us, they will say to Allah that they cannot go into Jannah without their parents – and as such they will act as intercessors for their parents. On the other hand, if they are healed from their condition, this too is a blessing and goodness so that we may more fully enjoy their company and strive together for Jannah and Allah’s pleasure. Either way there is goodness from them and there is forgiveness and expiation for our sins if we bear this trial with patience.

      I hope this helps to reinforce the concept and to give you further reassurance and thankfulness to Allah.

      And Allah is the Source of all strength.

      Answered by: Dr. Ali Shehata

  10. Took me time to read all the comments, but I seriously enjoyed the post. It proved to be Pretty helpful to me and I’m certain to all the commenters here It is always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained I’m sure you had fun writing this write-up.

  11. I am a speech therapist who encounters children with Autism on a daily basis. Usually our therapy sessions last for an hour. After each session I always wonder about parents who have to take care of their child throughout the day. SubhanAllah- the one line that goes through my mind everyday ‘Allah tests those he loves the most’. MashaAllah , May Allah reward you for your efforts. I also feel that differently abled children are a blessing when it comes to helping us as individuals. They have taught me to patient and most of all to not take things for granted. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog.

    • thank you for your kind comment, i would love you to contribute to this blog from your professional point of view. please let me know if you would like to ,mor if you have time to do that.

    • may i ask where you practice? i have two austisic sons..i live in southern california

      • I am not living in the united states but in CA there are many great facilities for ASD kids.

  12. ASAK
    I am a mother of a 4 and half with Autism but since her diagnosis have been through a roller coaster ride of emotions. I passed through different stages, blaming myself, counting my sins and thinking how badly I could have hurt some one to deserve an only child with a condition that can not be cured. She lost her speech at 18 mos and is a very difficult child to manage. Every passing day seems like forever and I wake up every night crying for one chance that Allah may grant me and make my child normal. It is painful for me to even look at another child as I deeply miss having a mother-child relationship. I have previously had a very testing life and thought motherhood would bring me the world, but all in vain…
    I would like to thank Brother Abdul Hamid for sharing this dua which i shall follow religiously so one day I can hear my child talk as she is completely non-verbal. Although I have taken up every therapy which suits her need, there have been very few improvements. I pray for all muslims and non-muslims not to be tested by the well-being of their children as it totally breaks parents down.

    • Salaam Sister,
      yousaid you are readiong some dua what dia you are reading please tell me also ..

      • wswrwb sister, yes i laways make dua, and best dua is coming from your heart. Also I say a dua for his speech her it is
        translation ( Oh my Lord! Expand my breast, ease my task for me, and remove the impediment from my speech, so they may understand what I say.
        Surat Taha 25-28)
        I always say this several times a day, and one day i felt very sad and could not finish this dua and started crying. My son was non verbal, and on my lap. He finished it for me the entire dua. I always tried to make him say a word or even just a sound he never imitated it, and one day he finished the entire dua. So as you can see, they do take everything in, and it will be a time when all that will come to light.
        Also, just talk to Allah and ask him what you want from him sincerely from your heart.

        • that is a most beautiful dua.

        • thank you for visiting my blog.

  13. ASAK
    I am a mother of a 4 and half with Autism but since her diagnosis have been through a roller coaster ride of emotions. I passed through different stages, blaming myself, counting my sins and thinking how badly I could have hurt some one to deserve an only child with a condition that can not be cured. She lost her speech at 18 mos and is a very difficult child to manage. Every passing day seems like forever and I wake up every night crying for one chance that Allah may grant me and make my child normal. It is painful for me to even look at another child as I deeply miss having a mother-child relationship. I have previously had a very testing life and thought motherhood would bring me the world, but all in vain…
    I would like to thank Brother Abdul Hamid for sharing this dua which i shall follow religiously so one day I can hear my child talk as she is completely non-verbal. Although I have taken up every therapy which suits her need, there have been very few improvements. I pray for all muslims and non-muslims not to be tested by the well-being of their children as it totally breaks parents down.

    • Dear sister,
      First of all i wanted to thank you for reading my blog post and commenting as well.
      I feel your pain and anxiety, because i had experienced those feelings before.. Every case is different, but in some ways similar.
      Alhamdulillah, Bro. Abdul Hamid ‘s contribution. Many parents sent me email about it and how they thank him for that dua.
      I been using that dua since my son was diagnosed.
      Sometimes it feels like it never gets better, and I can honestly say when i am on the end of my rope, Allah always gave me something incredible. For example one day I felt very hopeless and still doing what I have to do pray and saying that particular du for my son, I broke down and started crying while he was on my lap. That point hethe non-verbal ASD child finished the dua for me. I was in complete disbelief, and very thankful to Allah. My son had spoken and spoke Allah’s words.
      I have hope that my son will recover completely amongst millions of kids who have the same condition. But if he isn’t I know the pen is lifted for him, and he will be going to paradise. Mothers wants their children to reach paradise, and I know for sure if my son stay the way he is, he is a person of paradise. What better anyone can ask for. And on the day of Judgment he will ask Allah to allow me to enter to paradise with him. Either way sister you are in a very special position if you bare this with patient. It takes some time but you will get there and you will understand that sometimes what we see is bad,yet it is not so bad on the long run.
      Please have strong faith and Know Allah will always be on the believer’s side. My prayers and duas are with you.

  14. ASAK

    I am blessed with one son who is 10 yrs of age, but has been diagnosed with Autism and doesn’t speak as yet. Please let me know if there is any special DUA which I can recite so that my son starts speaking. I am out almost day at work, but for my wife its like a 24/7 job to take care of him. I feel sorry at her state, as she has no time for her self. Please pray for us.

    • wswrwb,

      Alhamdulillah for everything. Mashaallah your wife is blessed to have such a caring understanding husband. May Allah bless you and your family in this life and the hereafter..ameen.
      I usually make dua with my own words and I pour my heart out to Allah asking him for things I want for my son.
      Also, I make the following ones as well. I do not speak arabic so i write it in english IA Forgive me..
      Rabbbahoo annee Massaniyad-durru wa’anta arhamur raahimeen……. Veritly distress has seized me, and you are the most mercyful of all those who show mercy.

      the other one …
      Rubb – Ishrahli sadri wa yassir liamri wahlul uqdatam milli saani yafqahuu quwly
      Oh lord! Expand me my breast, ease my task for me, and remove the impediment from my speech, so they may understand what I say. surah taha 25-28

      I made these duas for years. One day a few years back i felt very sad and I did not finish the last dua b/c I was crying and my non verbal son finished it for me. It was truly a miracle, i didn’t know he can speak or even memorize. So please do not ever give up hope and pls tell your wife she is a very special person, she is spending 24/7 with a person of Jennah. If your son die upon this condition he will intercede for you both on the day of judgment and take you to Jennah, If he is cured than your dua has been answered. Either way you are a winner in a hereafter and this life as well.
      May Allah easy the task for both of you and grant you both what is best for you in this life and the hereafter. My dua is with you all.

  15. Salam Alaikom.
    My Daughter is 11 months old and not responding when we call her name. I was googling stuff about autism and found alot of similarities with her behaviour and that of autestic children. I ask Allah to make all of your lives easier, and grant you the highest of paradise for your efforts and struggles. I ask Allah to not burden any one from ummat Mohammes (saws) more than they can bare. Oh Allah, please protect our children from all pain and illness. Oh Allah You are the all knowing and we no not. Ameen. If my daughter does have Autism, i will inshallah be patient and turn to Allah for help. This is an amazing blog. I am so glad i found it. May Allah reward every muslim as much as there is sand in the ocean , AMEEN.

    • wswrwb , ameen to all that you said. I am not sure where you live but in the USA in every state they have early intervention programs which are free and very effective. If you live here please seek help as soon as possible to have your child screened, and given therapy right away. Early interventions are very effective, and many chldren with therapy gets better or even loose their diagnosis. looking forward to see your comments here. If you have any questions comments please feel free to share it with us.
      May Allah help us all, and give us what is better for us..ameen

  16. I live in Australia

  17. ASAK
    i have 2 yr half yr old son he diagnosed with ASD . he is not talking at all not even a single word.. please remember my son in your prayer. one more thing i want to tell is my husband dose not accept that his son have autism he love him so much ( i mean we all love our child ) but he dose not want to accept.. and on other hand i know my son have this problem. we started early intervention last year still no word.. anything else you thing we should do .. and brother you site is really good…

    • wswrwb sister. I am a sister by the way, and I welcoming you to this blog.
      It is common that one, or sometimes both parents do not accepting that is something wrong with the child. You must not see that something is wrong, you must see you need to do things in a different way with him. It is good that you started early intervention. The sooner they get their therapies, the better outcome can be expected. My son talked earlier than he lost all his words, now he is starting again.. Do not ever give up hope sister, because there is always hope. Always some improvement. It may seem insignificant to you, but all those changes are leaps and bounds. Appreciate the little wonders and thank Allah for all the blessings, and Allah will remember that you are grateful to him with everything.
      There are times when we feel overwhelmed and alone, but please know you are never alone, you have your Creator with you just turn to him, and you have the entire autism community there too, you just need to reach out./ If you have any questions please feel free to email, or comment, and I always answer everyone. If you need to ask me anything privately feel free to contact me, and indicate that you want your question answered privately. I started this blog to help my fellow autism parents in any way I can, because I know how it feels to be a parent of an autistic child.
      Please be strong and know the dua has a great power. I personally experienced it first hand three times already that only our creator can help us. When everyone on the medical field told me that there is no hope for my son to survive and no one knew what is happening with him, and told me to prepare for his death, things had changed after duas . YOU keep your hopes and dreams, it will come to you, maybe later or in a different way but Allah knows what is best for us, and we have to fully believe in that.

      • Asak..I hope this blog of yours is really working still. My worlda shattered last month as the Doc said that my 3yr Old Ahmad is Autistic..I am really broken from inside.

        In his case, He spoke earlier a few clear words. Then LAst year he accidently burnt himself with 2nd degree burns on his face and chest. None on the tongue and he still used to say a few clear words.

        and then stopped. Completely mute. He listens, OBeys Whatever I say, follows instructions, looks me in the eye but for a second or 2.

        I have been crying everyday since and begging Allah for the forgiveness of my sins and for his Speech to come back.

        I don’t know what to do, where to go. Ahmad is undergoing speech therapy and soon will start Occupational Therapy too..

        I barely see any difference with the Speech Therapy, but still keep trying.

        My younger son Muhammad is so far okay, babbles clearly. looks me in the eye. Responds to his name.

        I am very confused and scared and angry all at once.

        looking forward to a reply.



        • email me Speech therapy and any therapy can take some time. be consistent, and do things at home what they do with him at tharapy. when he gets the extra effort from home it will make a huge difference. We all need to work closely with the therapists and schools to continue their work at home as well, and everyone in the family to be on the same page with the child.

  18. I have a beautiful son aged 6 on the autism spectrum diagnosed 2 and half. It was a joy reading the messages above. I used to think very negative at times, and i have been on a roller coaster for last 4 years. I have done and been to many many therapists…but I am happy to see him making developments now. He has learned surat Fathiha and using more language now. He has made me so proud, I pray for him everyday now. Please parents do not ever give up hope. Talk to them about everything, recite the verses from quran. Even if it looks like they are not listening to you- they are really. I am very blessed to have him he has changed my entire life for better.

    • Thank you Khadeeja for this inspirational comment. I was hoping to get more and more of positive comments like yours. The autism diagnosis sure changes lives for everyone involved. You learn who is really your friend, and i became more humble as well. I found peace when i finally realized that I can not do anything more or cure him, everything is in our creators hands. Once I realized i am no super women, and I just need to take him to therapy school and make dua for hm, put this matter to God’s hands my life became better and more peaceful.
      Again, I am happy for you and your little one. may Allah give you wisdom, health and complete success in this life and the hereafter…ameen

    • My son is 6 months old and he had meningitis when he was just a day old.Although he is out of it but meningitis has affected his brain the basal ganglia part.we don’t know yet but he might have some developmental disorder.Please send me a dual which I will read religiously and cure my son.I will be indebted to u forever

      • i will compile it and post it here for you or send it to you in your email

  19. Assalam alekum!

    I am not sure if I have commented on this post before, becuase I like to come back and read it 😀

    Love your blog.

    • Thank you. Since my move i am not keeping it up, but i am planning to go back to my writing very soon, just need to settle the kids better.

  20. AOA, I’m a mum of an 11 year old autistic child who is called Salmaan. At present I am passing through quite a turbulent time as my 2.5 year old son zaki is not speaking at all and we also feel that his skills are somewhat delayed. I’m on that rollercoaster that I was on 11 years ago and sometimes finding it difficult to remain positive. I know that allah will get me through this but I just thought that talking and conversing with others may ease the pain.

    • ws Thank you for visiting my blog. I can relate to you in many ways, and those feelings can and will consume you if you do not reach out, and make yourself strong in your faith. I started this blog for that reason, to try to be there for others who experience such feelings. I had to deal with this on my own, but I had Allah and that was the only way I could make it, and keep my self sane.Also, I realize that it is important to speak with another human beings, it sure helps a lot.
      My advise to you is to take your little one to the speech therapist and have him evaluated. If you DO think that he is behind in other skills developmental pediatrician’s visit would be the best. Do not think the worst always, but know if there is a problem, little kids like him gets early intervention, and they have a great chance to be mainstreamed later on. Do not waste another moment wondering, be proactive and get an answer. Most states if you live in the USA have Early intervention till they reach 3yrs, after that they will set you up to follow up treatment.
      As I said, don’t think the worst, but get an answer for him , and that will help you with your feelings. I will send you a private email IA soon, but till than know many are here for you, but most importantly you can turn to the one and only the healer…Allah.

  21. AOA, its Shamim from the UK and just wanted to tell you how appreciative I am of you for providing a personal e mail. It means a great deal. We went to Spain over the Easter hols and it gave me time to to think and analyse and i used the time to construct a little du’a book for myself and I have felt that such dua’s have given me a new lease of sabr. We have also recently communicated with the local imam of our mosque who also has a nephew with special needs and was very supportive stating that it is a great blessing to be given such gems to nurture and care for as the reward is great mashallah. It is a small world often I feel and inshallah I intend to put some of the dua’s up on your blog for others. You and your child are always in my dua’s may allah(swt) make it easy for us all.

    • Ws Thank you for your kind comment. IA i will be very happy to post your compiled dua’s here, so others can benefit. Having a special need child can help one reevaluate life, and see things in a different perspective. Also, I had met the most amazing people along the way, and experienced many kindness like your gesture sharing your duas.
      It can be very difficult as well, it is surely a hard test, but we just have to concentrate on positives and the end result.
      Thank you for your duas, it means a lot to me and my children. May Allah bless you in this life and hereafter..ameen

    • Salaam, I am Farhana from Leicester, UK…I was just wondering whereabouts in the UK are you from? WS

      • ws, I am not from the UK, I am from the USA, and now living in saudi Arabia.

  22. I have an autistic son aged 8. I accept the hardship the Almighty has given me and I deal with it very positively everyday. However, i cannot help but worry about my son’s future. Whilst I am in this world with him, i can make everything comfortable for him, make sure he has a comfortable and peaceful life but what about when I am not in the world?? What will happen to him? No one can care for a person like a mother. Does anyone else worry like me?

  23. People tell me everyday that I should leave him in Allah’s hands but it is a very difficult concept for me to deal with. The world is such a cruel place full of temptations and evil people and everyone is at risk of being led into doing the wrong things. But kids and adults with autism are even more vulnerable. They can be every easily led into doing things and sometimes they are unable to make sensible decisions themselves. I worry about my son everyday. What will happen when I am no longer here to protect him?????

    • I think you are not the only one worrying about this. You would not be human if you do not have this feelings. the trick is not to let this overcome your entire life. have faith and do whatever needs to be done to ensure he will have someone look after him, and to be as independent as he can be.
      My dream is that my son will be self-sufficient one day and he will never have to rely on anyone.
      I hope Allah will grant that for him and me. Take care see you soon.

  24. may Allah (SWT) bless your efforts. I’ve been searching for a site like this for a very long time.

  25. may Allah (SWT) bless your efforts. I’ve been searching for a site like this amd Allah helped me

    • Ws Thank you for visiting this blog. May Allah help us all and guides to the cure ameen

  26. May Allah bless your family. Amin. You are one strong lady, mash’Allah.

  27. May Allah Reward you for your effort and
    bless your family my sister. Maachallah i really appreciate your blog. reading your blog is something amazing, i feel so good, balanced and ready for the journey inshallah because last week my 3 years old son was diagnosted autistic. may Allah guide us to the right things to do during this situation.

    • ws thank you for your kind words. May Allah give us strength, patience, and wisdom so we can help our children to reach their full potential…ameen

  28. Masha’Allah excellent article sister, I am a 18 year old boy who has a younger brother who is a year younger than me that has severe autism. All Praise Is Due To Allah. At times it may be hard, sometimes I cry, not because of his but my faith in Allah is everlasting. May Allah grant you and your son Jannah In Sha Allah, keep up the good work!

    • ws, Thank you so much for commenting. I wanted to write about the sibling point f view in this matter I was wondering if you want to write a post for my website about your feelings and struggles. How do you handle having and ASD sibling overall. I think the siblings of ASD kids need to have a voice as they have to deal with much more than their typical friends. Let me know if you are interested, and all credit will go to you, or if you wish to be anonymous as well your privacy will be protected.

  29. I suspect my grandson of having autism i dont know what to do

    • Dear Fatima,
      You seem a very caring grandmother. May God bless you for that. I think many times you can not go to the parents and just say ” I think he has autism”. So in order to achieve what needs to be achieved you have to be very diplomatic. I advise you to talk to your son/daughter and just ask about the lates pediatrician appointment what the doctor said etc. if they do not bring up any concerns, than you may have to be a bit more proactive in it. if your son/daughter have any complaint about this particular child try to lead them the way that they might want to have him tested. Testing is easy and fast now days, and early intervention is available in every state if you live in the US. If you live somewhere else i am not sure what options you have. here is my personal email if you want to contact IA I will try to respond as fast as possible, but I ask you if you suspect anything never to give up on that child. the earlier the intervention, the better the outcome.

  30. im glad i found this place and pray that i can be in contact with you all. i have two autistic boys of my own. ages now 9 and 7. they were diagnozed at age 3 and 1.5 respectively. its has been ar arduous journey and it felt like i was alone the only muslim with kids with special needs. and then i started researching and finding out other families are there and i thought why dont we all come together share our experiences of what works and what doesnt. things we have to face from family and friends. the hardship that is..the toll it takes on a marriage and so on.

    • I am glad that we have you on board. I m oved to . Alhamdulillah that you have support system This blog was set up for that very reason so we can all connect, share our life , our success our challenges.Hope we can benefit from your experiences, as well as we might be able to benefit you from our experiences. If you should need to contact me in private feel free to email me at

  31. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I have a autistic nephew who is non-verbal… He is the most cutest child and most special baby ever… I admire all the parents out there for always being there for their child…x

    Inshallah, Allah makes all the children better and confident in what they do.

    Sister if you need any help with anything do let us know…
    My duas are always with all the parents and children who are going through difficulties x

    • ws
      thank you for your kind comment and the offer for help as well. Bless you for being understanding toward these kids and their parents..ameen

  32. Salam alaikum, thank you for your blog. I am mother to a child with severe multiple disabilies (autistic behaviors, deaf-blind, medical problems like feeding tube, 10 surgeries to date, etc.) and I also have Asperger syndrome, sort of mild autism. I was more autistic as a child, then I felt normal for a long time (although I wasn’t), now I am finding that my 2 kids (the older one also has AS) push my autistic buttons a lot, I feel more autistic these days than I have in years. I just want to add from an insider’s perspective, please parents, dont overdo it with the therapies, I am sure they have some benefit, but I never had any and I am working on my second degree now and am married to a wonderful NT man who is patient with me and I have a lot of friends. Autistic people LOVE to be undisturbed with their own thoughts, LOVE when it is totally quiet (most of the time) and we NEED time and space to ‘self stim’ in order to cope with the world, dont re-direct us, you get a bigger melt down later if you do, lol. THe times when I can just sit and stare at a wall and reflect and dont have to talk to or interact with anyone are my happiest moments. Thank you for the verses from surah TAHA, I have memorized them to read to my son inshallah (yes, autistic photographic memory is great for HIfz, encourage it for your kids) I pray that Allah bless our children wtih the best in dunya wa -l- akhirah, may he give them sam’a wa-l- absaarah wa’l af-eedah and may he make them dependent on HIM alone and may he give them taqwa and Ilm. THe prophet sws said ‘Be in the world as if you were a stranger or a traveler along the path.’ may our children be the best of strangers, the closest to Allah and a sign for the believers. Ameen.

    • thank you for your reply. If you have any time to write a short post for us about how you feel and how do you deal with every day life’s challenges i would love to post it on my blog. let me know if you are interested my email

    • Asak!
      I had given up on my daughter on getting married or having a family but after reading your post I have so much hope as if I got an answer from Allah. She has recently gotten some speech back and is almost 7. still a long way to go but i don’t dwell on the fear of the future any more – saves me from depression. Every single day i try to think what could I have done wrong that caused this but at the end of the day I say to myself that it was Allah’s will and best for her and our family.
      I want to have another child but am so scared bcos I can’t go through this turmoil again.
      We as parents of such children have a completely warped lifestyle which no one else can relate to neither can we explain it. Infact parents like us tend to have such a happy front and are taken to be brave individuals although we are ripped on the inside. We look at other children with longing and wish for that one day of normal lives that other families spend. Something as simple as doing grocery with your child is what I have never done, planning on colleges and careers are what happen in a make-believe world. But to the rest of the world I am the happy-go-lucky person with a child with autism. To me I have been dead inside for years…

      • Ws, My advice is never to give up home. You might have to rearrange your expectations, your child might no go where you dreamed her to go. And that is ok, as long as you help her to reach her full potential. We all want our kids to succeed, but look at it this way.. what is really success, a PHD, being a doctor, engineer, or being a good person who is independent. All of the above and some more.
        If you see that this is Allah’s decree you are already on the right path for your child. teach her to be independent for self care, and independent thinker. teach her life skills, so she can make it in this world. Vocational teachings are crucial for these kids. teach her everything you can, and always have hope in the mercy of Allah.
        When you told me about being brave in others eyes, yet broken inside… You spoke the true feelings of many mothers, including me. But we still get up every morning and we still being there for our kids as long as we are alive, and that is something that no one can take away from us.And these actions can mand the broken inside in time, and a strong faith as well.
        take care fellow mom and never ever lose hope.

      • I totally understand how u feel as I too share same feelings and emotions; longing for a normal famly life, worrying about everyday things like college/uni courses etc I also worry whether my child will ever marry and worry about his future when I’m not here but u rite. If we continue to look too much into the future then we can very easily face depression. And how much use are we going to be to our children if we are not in a healthy state of mind? So for that reason just focus on the now and the present. I focus my energy on making sure my child is happy. Don’t worry about the future. It always falls into place. Our children may face difficulties now and in the future too but they have a place in jannah waiting for them. Just keep that thought in your head and heart all the time. U obviously love your child and that’s why u worry. Don’t compare your child to others. Dont look at other parents with normal children…….. Ure child has a free ticket to jannah….do theirs????

        • thank you for your comment Rubi. Again , starting this blog proves that I made the right decision. Posts and comments helps us to connect, reconnect and remind one another to have hope and faith. This is why I started this blog in a first place, and by God’s mercy I will continue doing so.Thank you all, and God bless you.
          Also, i see you all still coming to this site. i have more articles on i moved the blog to that address several months ago.

  33. AhmadchargedwithIman , may Allah bless and protect you, I am truly
    impressed by your strength and the power of your emaan

  34. Beautiful words empower me to become and embrace Islam, my husband is Muslim and I’m not,YET…..god bless you for your wise words.

    • Thank you Karen, if you think about it it might be in your heart, just make the next step. WE are here for you every step of a way for everything in your life you might need us. take care.

      Also, I moved my blog to another site, if you want to read more articles here is the link to it

  35. assalam o alikum , i m really feeling v positive after reading this blog and all the posts. Actually i have a 17 moth old boy who does not respond to his name although i guess his hearing ability is normal and he understands many things, but still when i searched on internet then i felt some symptoms of autism are there and i was v much worried about him and afraid what if my son has this disease. i am praying to ALLAH again and again that he gets normal on his own but sometimes i lose hope 😦 but then starts praying again. i also thought whether its a test or punishment but most of time i think its a test. May Allah give me patience and make me successful in this test. i have already taken appointment from doctor . Lets see what happens ….. but i am really thankful for you for encouraging me and feeling positive. i am feeling light after so many worried days. And all my best wishes are with those who are facing this. May Allah give you all reward for this.

    • ws, First i am very sorry not replying to your comment. i moved my blog to a website so i hardly ever visit this site. I have many more posts available in there. i am glad that you do not lose hope, and this blog might be some help to you. if your child is so young, early intervention is crucial. The sooner therapy or any type of intervention starts the better the outcome. have your child evaluated, and once you have the diagnosis you can start taking actions from there. I am looking forward hearing from you. in case you have any questions you may contact me on the email below.

  36. this is a v informative blog for autistic children’s parent….

  37. Hi!
    Thank you for this forum.
    Please let me know if any of your are based in Lahore. And is this the only post on the blog it do we have more?
    It’s not easy convincing myself or just accepting this reality. But with your support I think I can be stronger. Thanks.

    • Hi, I am sure there are many other autism blogs out there. I moved my blog to the website so this site I hardly ever visit, this is why i did not answer your comment. The new address is there are many more posts in there. let me know what questions you have and if I have any resources i will send it to you. you may email me

  38. Thank you for a fantastic blog, today my son of 3 years old has had a diagnosis of Autism. We have read through this blog my husband and I and have found a lot of peace for what has been a difficult day . Thanks again for sharing your experience and for the fellow members comments which have been of great help. Regards

    • I am not sure if I replied to you and how I missed this comment. I am glad that you find this blog helpful and offer you peace. My advice always never ever give up hope. Miracle happens every day, and it can be you next time. Also, never ever look at your child what he can not do, you rather look at him what he CAN, and used those skills to evolve him and make him better. Look at his ability not the disability. Once you get it done you will see miracles every day.Good luck to you and your family.

  39. I am crying like i am help less like i still feel as i felt in the days my child was born, i and my child were kind a tormented for 2 months by my mother in law before she left for her home with my husband. I had been a psychological patient for years with bad health after that. I thought there will be a dua to cure my sons autism.

    • I want you to understand that although it is not easy to care for a special need child it is possible. You need to get help for yourself so you can help your child. The dua for autism or any problems is from your heart. it is what you say to God and ask him to help you. there are no special words. the most special words are coming from your heart. Don’t give up hope ever.And don’t let others ruin you or your child.

  40. U only allow comments that prise ur blog, do u not feel like this blog is use less. Cause critisicm can also be answered with good reply, but i guess u can not contol replies thats why u will not allow something in 1 st place that can be questioned even after ur reply.

    • Ok Mr. Or ms S. if you want to leave a comment leave your full name. I do not like trolls who uses only their initial. I allow constructive criticism. I do not see any comment from oyu except what you just said. So if you have anything valid write it and use your name don’t hide behind the screen as i don’t do that either. if you can’t or won’t use your name than do us all a favor and ignore commenting.
      Also, if my blog is so useless why are you even bothering to read it. This is the only comment I allow without a name just to make sure I get my point across.

  41. Asalamu aluykum warahmata laah wabarakatu
    my question is if the child who is severely autism placed in long term care in non muslim country becouse this child his muslim Mather past away how you see sisters and brothers for this situation

    thank you

    • WS, Thank you for your comment. There are times that we have no other way but to place the child in long term care. I am sure it is done with great difficulties and out of love. There are times when a family is unable to care due to the severity of the problem. I am certain that this must be very difficult for all that is involved, but for the safety and the well being of the affected person, it must be done. Long-term care are providing 24/7 care and supervision, training and teaching, as well as medical overages as needed.
      There is nothing wrong with doing that, as long as the family members keep close eyes on the person with special needs, so no one will hurt him or mistreat him. Just to keep him safe and well taken care of is carries a blessing InshaAllah. No one has the right to judge any of the siblings regards to this decision, unless they are mistreating him and completely abandon his needs. I advise you all that do this for the sake of Allah, and keep contact with him for that sake too. If anyone is blaming or judging you, those are clearly do not see the whole picture. It is always easy to condemn when one is not experiencing all the issues that arise with caring for an autistic person. You asked me how I see those sibling? This is my answer. Kids , any kids I see as a blessing from Allah, with or without special needs. The things we do for them carries blessing as long as it is kind and helping them to be happy healthy and comfortable. I sincerely hope I answered your question well.


  42. Masha Allah, this is a wonderful blog, May Allah reward you.
    I am also a father of a wonderful boy who has autism, and I have to admit he is my teacher, I learned and I am learning so much from him. i have recited sura baqrah and surah al imran daily and there is improvements in my son
    I learned to be patient, accepting, and to live in the moment, Subhana Allah we are blessed with these wonderful children, and Alahmdou Lilah for being muslim, it keeps us balanced, and accepting of whatever Allah soubhanahou wa taala bestowes upon us.
    Whatever Allah willed for us is best for us, and aren’t we lucky after all, these kids will enter paradise without judgment!! they are the luckiest people on Earth. the parents having these type of kids are also going to jannah in shaa allah.
    All the best, and take very good care,

    • MashaAllah you spoke what I always remind myself of. It is true that they are our teachers. many times i thank Allah for this blessing, because i am not sure I would be where I am now if this is not happening to me. It is important to know whatever Allah decrees for us is the best. it is hard to see it at times, but knowing is a comfort. Thank you for your input. may Allah bless you and your family..ameen

  43. Mashallah, after reading this article my tears are rolling , I’m also going in same boat, my baby is a blessing, but one question why this happens with my innocent kid,, feeling so bad about him. Allah raheem Kare sub pe ameen.

    • Salams I think we all go through those feelings, and a feeling of helplessness. The one thing I can advise you is surround yourself with people who understands and able to support you and help you. It gets better, as you learn from your child, and you will be able to handle many different things. May Allah cure all these kids and give the parents the guidance and wisdom how to care for them in the mean time…ameen

    • ws, we have to stay strong and do our best for our kids. Unfortunately we have no answers why this happens to our children.

  44. Asslam O Alaikum

    Brother/Sister, i will advise when you recite Quran Ayat you have to have firm believe that Allah will cure from All diseases.Also recite surah fatiha 7 times and blow on your kids you can find following ayat in Quran .

    Also I will strongly recommend to please visit the following websites and go word by word.

    Surat Al-Hashr 59:21 ( Surah 59 and Ayat number 21)

    Surat At-Tawbah 09:14

    Surat Yūnus
    Surat An-Naĥl 16:69

    Surat Al-‘Isrā’ 17:82

    Surat Al-‘Anbyā’ 21:90

    Surat Ash-Shu`arā’ 26:80

    Surat Fuşşilat 41:44

    Surah Yunus 10:107 -108

    Jazak Allah

    • ws Thank you so much for your suggestion, i am sure many of us can benefit from this.
      Thank you again

  45. I like to know more about autism because I have a daughter with autism and I feel very blessed. I would also like to know if their is any duwah I can read which will help my child to progress with speech etc. And please make duwah for my child.

    • I definitely make dua for all children and their families with autism. For speech I always said the following Surat Taha 25:28 My son actually memorized it and after several years of not saying even a sound one day he finished this for me when I couldn’t.
      Also, the parents dua are very powerful as well, talk to our creator, and ask for the healing.
      About autism, there are many things to learn. If you have any specific question feel free to email me those questions and I e sure to answer you.

  46. Salaam.i had a normal baby boy and then when he was just a day old he got bacterial meningitis which has affected his basal ganglia.The worst part is that we know he will have some issues but what are the issues we don’t know because he is so small.His hands and legs are curled up and it is quite likely he might have movement problems.Please pray for him and give me a dual which will be beneficial to him.

    • ws, First i like to apologize not answering you promptly. Thank you so much for reading my blog.
      I am very sorry for the unfortunate event that happened to your son. I am not sure where you are residing, but in the USA we usually have pediatrician refer the child to early intervention in cases like yours. that would involve a team of therapist to follow up on the child and develop a treatment plan if it is necessary.This could be applied till the child is 3 yrs old and after that would go to special preschool where they continue the therapy if necessary.
      In Europe, I know many countries can request the pediatrician to refer the child to an appropriate therapy place. I would certainly ask him to have a referral to a pediatric neurologist, and PT and OT evaluation.
      Please do not hesitate to ask, so if he needs help and intervention it can be applied immediately.
      As for special duas… I was told by my teacher once the most special and heart felt duas are the duas the parents say to Allah for helping them with whatever it might be needed.
      Also, if you send me an email i can help you with another list of duas as well as if i know your location I might be able to help you how to get help for your child.
      May Allah give you ease and help you to find cure for your child ameen

  47. Asww I am really a maze by the hard work your doing May allah (cswl) granted you and your family Jannah Amiin. For me tomorrow is going to be a life change my son will be diagnosing autism and you opened my eyes by reading your blog. Jazakallahu Kheyr.

  48. Assalam o aliykum
    my son is 3 years diagnosed as autistic.i am reading dua and taking him to therapies. He is v happy child alhamdullilah, v good at puzzles loves music.seeing him none can say he has autism, he has jargon languages since he was 18 months. I heard about equazen eye q product of .uk used for adhd and autism kids. Is some one using it useful?? Just want to try. I am from india

    • Ws, If anyone used or using the above mentioned, please give this reader a feedback

  49. My son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder..he’s been doing pretty well in most areas.however, when he started reciting quran…he could read the script quite ok..but now he wouldn’t recite by looking at the script…instead he wants to listen to the quran (lesson) enough times to remeber how to recite it… how can I get him to learn to recite by reading the script?

    • try to alternate the options. make visual schedule that this day you read the Quran and other days listen to it.

  50. my 3 and half year child is mild to moderate autistic… so much worried….
    he also has mayopia very weak eye sight …..he feels uncomfotable and frustated because of always wearing glasses….he also always shouts loudly….and when i stop him to dont shout then he shouts more loudly….that is very annoying and embarassing moment for me…..he also flaps her hand spins his head very fastly…..obsession with circles….repititive behaviour…..i need your guideline to help my child….and thanks alot for this beautiful dua…i will recite for him…

  51. Great helping hands

  52. I have 2 sons, age 17 , and 5 both been diagnosed with ASD and I believe those children ment come to this world, and Allah found the best home for them, i am greatfull to allah for giving me those two precious gems in my house. I called them “my jannah babies” parents of autism children “be patient and thank to allah for what u get”

    • mashaAllah may Allah reward you for loving those wonderful babies ameen

  53. Asalam walikum
    Please get in touch with me regarding an issue I am currently going through. It would be so nice to have speak to a sister that is in the same situation your eagerness inspires me and I wish to feel what you feel.

  54. what surra should we read to overcome the autistic kids plz reply

  55. Assalaam alykum sister I am the mother of a 7 year old autistic girl and was wondering if you have any ideas of how i can help her to learn the quran.

  56. Plz tell me which surha you recite on me mail id

  57. A’salaamualaykum sister. I am a sister of 6 year old autistic boy. He has speech difficulties, and sometimes I wonder how he will cope with the outside world. I would cry, and still cry, everyday, wondering why I have such bad luck. I am socially awkward and socially unpopular, as well as ugly. I have never been…popular due to my ugly features. And my autistic brother was the last straw.

    I would see all these pretty girls with perfect, rich lives and non-disabled sibling, and I would wonder, what I did wrong. I have always been praying since the age of 8, I have never back-bited, and I made sure I was nice to everyone and never broke the rules. And these “perfect” girls would have taken drugs and would’ve done worse things, as well as being a really mean person to anyone unpopular.

    All of these factors have reduced me to nothing. I am often very depressed, crying in my bed. Praying that my brother and my life would end up all right soon. They never do. And now my brother is quickly approaching 7 years of age, (and after 7, language is hard to learn), and he still doesn’t know how to use sentences. I can’t believe I’m 14 and have to deal with this! I’m too young.

    I’m sure Allah SWT has his reasons, but I just CANNOT wait! I’ve been patient, but nothing. I’ve prayed 3 years for him to get better. My determination has been reduced to nothing. I am secretly depressed. VERY depressed.

    My parents are trying to save money for him, so that if they die, my brother will have enough money to hire a shadow teacher. It is a possibility he may not get married, due to him being autistic, and I cried when I realized the possibility.

    So please, tell me any way to cope. I cannot. Soon, he will be on his own, and he won’t be able to cope.


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