Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | March 1, 2010

Snake Bite

Asalaam aleikum all,

Sorry for not writing  earlier today but we had an emergency situation.

Amin was bitten by a Pygmy rattle snake on Sunday morning.

We were in our patio outside throwing balls ,and he bent down and all of  a sudden started screamed while he was holding his right hand. At that point, I saw that something was right next to him moving. I realized that it was a snake. I was able to grab Amin,  and I removed him from the patio, and took a picture of the snake for the emergency room. We were at the hospital within 15 minutes of the event.

I know, some of you will be  asking what in the world she was doing wasting her time taking a picture of the snake, and why didn’t she kill it?

Here is my answer … I had my camera nearby, so  I knew if  I could show the doctor what kind of snake bit him, they would be able to get the anti-venom medicine quicker.  For everyone’s information, the emergency room does not favor that a snake be brought in (especially a live one).  Also, I had nothing to kill this snake with, so I would have had to go and waste my  time to look for a suitable  tool to  get rid of it.

Alhamdulillah, Amin got to the hospital, and within 5 minutes he had his anti-venom medicine by his bedside.

The lessons I learned from this incident:

1).  That snakes are coming out right now from their hibernation, so we need to be more vigilant.

2). Just because I am playing on a brick patio it doesn’t mean that the snake won’t be there. They are everywhere this time of the year for the rest of the year till winter.

3) If the unfortunate  bite occurs, try to take a good look at the snake or take a picture, so the ED staff can identify what kind of treatment is necessary, and take the person to the hospital right away, or call 911 to get help.

4).  I did put an ice pack on his hand where the bite occurred, and I was told  it was not a preferred action.

Alhamdulillah, we are home now after a 24 hour observation in the hospital. Although he is swollen up to his shoulder, he seems to otherwise be OK.  He did not get the anti-venom medicine, because his blood tests were acceptable.

We are still measuring the arm in different places, but it seems to be  stable right now.

Please take good care of yourself out there. Enjoy the outdoors, but be vigilant about your surroundings. Just because snakes are out there it doesn’t mean that you can not be. Do not lock yourself or your children into your house please.

Check the playground equipment before you let your kids on it , b/c snakes can hide in little corners and if they are disturbed they will bite.

I will be updating you all about his progress.

Here are some facts about the pygmy rattle snake that caused  our emergency room visit this weekend.



  1. Assalamu Alaikum,
    I heard about Amin’s rattlesnake incident from a friend and logged on to your blog to see if you had any updates. I am glad you did as Amin was in my thoughts since yesterday. I am soooo glad he is doing o.k, alhumdulillah. I think its great that you thought fast and took the picture. I pray Amin makes a speedy recovery.

  2. Thank you for your prayer. He is doing much better, and he is able to bend his fingers now ahamdulillah. His swelling on his arm had decreased 1cm today. Alahmdulillah he has a great pediatrician, and he gave him some steroids which seem to help him as well.

    The funniest thing he did is, when we came home from the hospital, he went right to his toy bin and removed the plastic snake from it, and threw it in the trash. See, autistic kids can express themselves in a very effective way too.

  3. Thank you for all the nice emails and concerns about my little boy. Alhamdulillah, he recovered from his snake bite almost completely. All the swellings are gone, and most of the bruising from his arm and hand are disappearing as well. Although he is still experiencing some pain in his right hand, he is able to use it now.
    His sense of humor about the snake had returned as well. One early morning he wanted to go out to the backyard, and when I told him he needs to wait for me, he shut the sliding door and said…”Bye Bye snake” and smiled. Needles to say, I had no smile on my face when I ran to the door checking if he really is talking to a snake.

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  6. May Allah g give him full recovery as soon as possible

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