Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | May 4, 2010

Peace at last

Today I dropped my little boy off at his new school. Well I still call it new although he has been attending it since January.

I still have a knot in my stomach every morning, since I didn’t forget those drop off times  at the other two school’s where he was mistreated. Deep down I am hoping that Amin forgot about those experiences and moves on.

I just wanted to share with you all that I think he did forgot about those events. This morning I didn’t even have time to give him a kiss or hug. As the teacher opened the door to the school he zoomed in not even looking back at me, lifted his little right hand waving good-bye to me. I even doubt he heard me saying “I love you.” He had a smile on his face and was happy to see his teachers and class mates. It was so good to see him being happy, comfortable,  feeling safe and loved. I had tears in my eyes … happy tears.  At last, I can feel some peace knowing they take good care of him.


  1. We definetly need to be our special children advocate. Special children are only given to special parents, specially moms. Parenting is a hard job, but it takes a special mother as you to help a special child be successful in life. I love Amin, and I believe that every day he improves more and more, before we know it ,when is least expected he will be a very successful youg man. We will be very proud of him. Never loose your hope, keep on working hard as you already do, and you will soon see the reward for all the hard work.
    Ms. Gladys

    • Thank you Ms. Gladys. Ever since Amin started therapy with you guys he had advanced so much. He loves to go there and he loves you. Thank you for being so kind to him in every circumstance.

  2. I don’t think they forget, but learn to be reslient, just like any other human being with a vulnerability.

    • I agree, I do not think he forgets the mistreatment. I guess once he realized he is going to a place where he gets respect, kindness and love, these positive experiences will override the negative he had to endure earlier. Either case it is good to see him being happy.

  3. May Allah Subhanahou wa taala keep Amin and all vulnerable kids always safe and happy.

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