Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | June 14, 2010

Deep Sea Fishing Part Two

As promised, I said I would update you on my little boy’s fishing experience, and share what  I had learned from his trip.

They left early in the morning, around 6:30 am. Well, the day started a bit difficult. Amin has this amazing ability to know when we need to go somewhere, and if that is the case, he just wants to sleep in. Today was that day and everyday when he needs to go to school and therapy.  Now if he knows that we are not going anywhere he is up around 5:30am!

After the rocky waking-up, he left with his breakfast in his hands eager to anticipate the deep-sea fishing experience.

I got several pictures of him media mailed to me when they got on the boat, and while they were on the boat, and each time he had a big smile on his face.  All those pictures made me feel more comfortable, and a bit more relaxed. Once the phone signal was lost, I was just hoping that they were having fun.

Around  5:00pm  I got a phone call from his very weary father letting me know that I can pick them up in about an hour. I got concerned, but he reassured me that they are both OK , they just had lots of fun along with a few difficulties.

At 6pm, I finally got them, and as soon as he saw me he ran to me, hugged me  and didn’t want to let me go.  After we put their fish that they caught into the  cooler, everyone was ready to come home.  I learned that he loved his hat so much that he used it as a ball, and it ended up in the ocean within the first 30 minutes of the trip. That sure explained his face being burned along with his ears and neck.  When his father put his sunscreen on him, he just didn’t like the feel of it, so he wiped it off. Another explanation of the sunburn.

Although his dad gave him his hat, which ended up in the ocean too, but luckily one of the fishermen was able to  get it back.  After the hat incident,  things got much calmer with the snacks he had and the drinks as well. They caught some fish but they were able to keep only one, as the others were too small to keep. They had one big fish at one point, but unfortunately they had to cut the line because they were unable to get it out of the  water.

Amin had an amazing live science experience viewing different fish, an octopus,  and the highlight of the day was when one of the brothers caught a 170lb shark! Wow, he had fun looking at that when they finally brought it on board, and he was still alive.

So what can we learn from this event?

Firstly, it might be better if we take our child to a shorter event in the beginning.

Secondly, they would likely get more benefit and they would be more at ease if the event is in a smaller boat with fewer people and less noise.

Thirdly, the child would probably feel more comfortable if their other family members are there to join in the fun.

Furthermore, we should consider making the least amount of changes in their schedule, and lessening the travel time as well. Amin had to get up at 6 am, took him to the meeting place 15 minutes away, then they  traveled about 45 minutes to the boat. He experienced several transitions while he was still half asleep.

I am all for new experiences for my kids, and I think that he will look back to this event and have good memories. Today, Amin demonstrated an extreme ability to adapt and transition into new things. He has come a long way alhamdulillah. Although he had a few difficulties, he came through as a real trooper.

Other than the sunburn, I honestly can not see anything negative about this trip. It was truly a learning experience for all of us, and the best part was when I kissed him good night and wanted to leave his room … he grabbed my hand and said … “Mommy please stay, I love you.”

Clear as a bell, the first time in his life, my little boy asked me with words to stay with him. I am still sitting on his bed writing this article while he is fast asleep, while he is probably catching the “BIG ONE” in dream land.

Fishing is much more than fish.  It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers.  ~Herbert Hoover


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