Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | July 4, 2010

Florida Law Passes New Restraint Law; Illinois to follow?


This is a very sad day for disabled children in Florida. The Governor listened to people who have a vested interest in restraining & secluding our children. I guess we are suppose to be happy because they were locking disabled children in dark closets. Hey at least now they will have a light when they drag our children into solitary confinement. Our children don’t need a step in the right direction, our children need protection now! It’s a matter of life & death! Imagine this was your child!

This is Restraint & Seclusion and what the Governor just allowed by law to be done to disabled children. It is truly sad that the politics of having minimum standards to allow restraints ( provided they do not restrict breathing ) and seclusion ( provided the room is lit and meets fire marshal codes) is like plainly legalizing abuse of our most vulnerable children in an educational system that will protect the violators who lack the minimum training standards to do PBS without any accountability in the absence of audiovisual tracking of such incidences to preserve the child’s civil rights.

WARNING:  THIS VIDEO IS GRAPHIC IN NATURE AND DISTURBING…You-tube requires you verify that you are 18 years of age to view.

Here is the link to the video,  but you will need to verify your age in order to  watch it, or scroll down, and click on  “here”  to view the entire story including the video without the hassle of signing in.

Restraint & Seclusion is unnecessary

Please visit to request a copy of the new Documentary, Real Danger: Restraints and Our Children. To see how many facilities are 100% restraint free. How can our children learn in such a hostile environment.

To all those who wonder why *we* are such control freaks…our child’s condition was out of our control.  We can,however, to some extent control their recovery/treatments, and who cares for them.  As a former public school teacher, I will never leave it up to the government to decide who educates and cares for my child 7 hours a day.

To check the full report with the video click here.

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