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Autism Community Mourns Passing of Jo Pike

July 11, 2010

Autism Community Mourns Passing of Jo Pike

Joandtaylor From our friends at The National Autism Association . We send our condolences to the Pike family.

All of us at the National Autism Association are deeply saddened by the loss of our co-founder, Joanne Pike. Jo’s work in forming the first national autism organization willing to speak the truth about what happened to a generation of innocent children in this country has advanced our understanding of autism. Her refusal to accept that autism is a mysterious and unavoidable condition proved to be visionary.

Many of us met Jo for the first time in 2003, on a frigid January day in Washington, DC. Organized to protest the Homeland Security Act rider protecting Eli Lilly from liability for injuries caused by mercury-containing vaccines, it was the first of many rallies by parents fighting for the rights of their vaccine-injured children.  The major victory received when the Lilly rider was repealed was due in large part to Jo’s drive in bringing these parents together to speak as one.

Jo often referred to these first rally participants as her “rag tag group of parents” but knew that for every person present at that first event in 2003, there were hundreds more they represented, and that there was strength in numbers.  This knowledge and Jo’s dedication to bringing parents together led to the formation of the National Autism Association and with that, real help became available to families affected by autism.

Jo’s compassion for all in the autism community knew no bounds.  Her door was always open to help those trying to find answers for their loved ones affected by autism, and as countless parents and grandparents around the world know, Jo’s friendship was unwavering.

Our community has lost this faithful friend, but her spirit lives on through the work of NAA and through the thousands of parents she inspired to seek the very best for their vaccine-injured children.  For not only was Jo an advocate for other families, she was most of all a devoted mother to her own children who she loved so much.  To her children and to all of Jo’s family and friends, please know that Jo will live forever in our hearts. We will always do our best to see that Jo’s mission is carried out as she intended, working together with hope for the future of our children.

National Autism Association
Officers and Board Members

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  1. Autism Community Mourns Passing of Jo Pike « My Autistic Muslim Child…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. Salam,

    I just read your blog post and wanted to know your opinion. Do you agree with this campaigner that vaccines contributed to your son’s illness? As a baby, I also became seriously ill after being given the whooping cough vaccine and ever since then have had issues with my immune system which weren’t too bad as a child but became steadily worse as I grew up (cos’ I think it made me more susceptible and less able to fight off certain infections so they took hold more easily).

    I think there are parallels with Autism when it comes to this (my illness means statistically I’m more likely to have an autistic child than the general population- hence my interest) and I think there is definitely some kind of illness/infection involved that helps Autism to develop. I don’t think vaccines are entirely to blame otherwise everyone who has them would become ill but I do think they form a part of the puzzle and affect the immune system in a way that can cause a percentage of children to be more susceptible. Anyway that’s how I view it. What do you think?


    • Sorry I wasn’t able to respond to you sooner but I had some internet issues.
      I honestly can not say 100% that vaccination is to be blamed for autism., b/c I really do not have any proof.
      My son was developing typically until 13 months of age.At that time he got his shots in the morning, and a clean bill of health. That afternoon he became very ill with high fever and once he recovered he was never the same. Was that vaccination, or his illness that they didn’t know what was?….. it stands as a mystery still. A few months later he was diagnosed with PDD NOS and now his diagnosis is autism.

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