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Software for autistic children

Dutch Autism Dad Creates Free PictoSelector for Autism in Several Languages. He is still looking for people to help translate to different languages. He  offers this software for free download to all who can benefit. Please pass this link around, so many people can use it to help their autistic children.

Also, if you speak another language, and willing to help to translate please email to him and offer your services.

If any of you want to donate to this great cause, on his site there is a link how to. This is a wonderful opportunity for all, to help as many kids as possible in many different  countries.

From Age of Autism

August 24, 2010

Dutch Autism Dad Creates Free PictoSelector for Autism in Several Languages

Picto Selector - English I’m Martijn van der Kooij from Standalone in the Netherlands. As parents of a wonderful seven year old boy with autism, we’ve been using visuals for several years now and last year we started working with the free Sclera symbols. They’re a great resource and my wife was using Word to create the schedules.

Being a software developer, I saw how time consuming this task was becoming and created a tool to make the search easier. I quickly added a way to create the schedules in my application. And so Picto Selector was born in September, 2009.

This year I’ve been polishing the tool and adding more symbols. Using symbols from other providers, the full download now contains 14000 symbols in all. These symbols are translated to English, Dutch, German and French. A Spanish set is also available in Catalan.

Recent updates to the software have made it possible to use your own photographs, text, clock and timer as a symbol or to change the color of symbols.

In the visualizations, we often want to show that something is “good” or “wrong” and every picture can be overlayed by a “good” or “wrong” graphic.

Learning and communication resources for children with autism are far too important to ask money for, but any donation to the project can help us keep this tool free for everyone.

Picto Selector is available for free at PECS FOR ALL

Picto Selector is a free windows application to create picto sheets. This way it helps to structurize the daily tasks of autistic children

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  1. Software for autistic children « My Autistic Muslim Child…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. assalamu’alaikum…?

    • wswrwb, glad you joined our blog. Hope you will be a regular reader
      Not sure why the question mark.

  3. Thank you for your kind words!
    I hope my tool will help you to support the families of autistic children.

    >So would you please let me know how I can install the software? It will be very useful for autistic individuals in our country.

    When you visit my website, you can go to the download links on it. It is a big download because all languages and graphics are included. Feel free to put it on a CD or USB stick to take it with you.
    It is a Windows application that can also run on a MAC or Linux machine. I’ve put some information about that on my web page.
    To installe the application after downloading, just run the installer, it will ask you were you want the software to be installed.

    If you need more information don’t hesitate to ask.


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  10. Hi,
    I would like to draw attention to our new app, called iPicto, for iPhone and iPod
    (since this week: also available the iPad app version).
    This app is designed to guide people with a (mental) disability, with or without
    dementia/alzheimer, asperger, autism and / or a disorder in communication.

    This new app iPicto is also a very good tool in learning a way of communication,

    for example speech difficulties.

    I refer you for further information, visit the App Store.

    See for it:

    Thank you for attention,


    Erwin van den Hout
    The Netherlands

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