Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | September 7, 2010

IEP Amendment Process

There is something that’s being rolled out to the schools that everyone should be aware of.  As per IDEA, there is a way to make changes to an IEP through an Amendment Process.   Amendments are a way of making changes to the IEP without actually having an IEP meeting.  Parents should be informed about this to ensure that they are in total agreement with proposed changes.  Do not agree with changes if you do not feel they are in the best interest of your child.

Guidelines that are being given to the ESE Specialists by the district include:

1. The LEA, ESE service provider and parent determine that a change to the IEP is required and that amending the existing IEP would document the identified change. Only those changes to the IEP that are agreed upon by the LEA, ESE service provider and the parent will be revised. The LEA, ESE Service provider or parent may determine that changes to an IEP are substantial enough to impact the entire IEP. Therefore, a comprehensive review is required which will result in the IEP team and parent meeting for the Annual or Interim Review to review/revise the IEP.

2. The decision criteria for requiring scheduling a meeting should be based on what in the IEP is being considered for amendment, and whether the amendment impacts the provision of a free appropriate  public education to the student.

An IEP meeting with a full IEP team is required for the following purposes:

Annual IEP

Eligibility/Dismissial consideration

Placement Changes

Whenever there is a significant (50%) increase or decrease of services, which also requires a Notice of Proposal/Refusal

Changes that do not impact FAPE (free appropriate public education) and therefore do not require an IEP meeting to be held might include:

Addition, deletion, or change in Extended School Year services

Changes, or updates on IEP goal that do not change services

Correction or omission to the IEP that was discussed at the IEP meeting such as a service provider inadvertently not documented on a goal and/ or service description is missing.

Supplemental Aids and services

Scribner’s error

Special consideration

3. Make the agreed upon changes on the IEP. Using the IEP Process Tab make the necessary changes. Than go to the Documents Tab and create and interim IEP. Be sure select the meeting purpose “Amend the Individualized  Educational Plan IEP.”

4. Once completed , fax the IEP Amendment Form to EasyIEP.

5.Review the Matrix to determine if any changes are needed, revise if  appropriate.

6. Send the copy of amended IEP to the parent.



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  3. ok how is this supposedto mean?

    • stay on top of your child’s IEP always, question changes, and discuss it with the teacher, so they see that you know what is happening to your child. basically you need to be aware of everything that happens to your child and their IEP.

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