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I wanted to share this little story with you all.  My daughter loves to write books, and create therapy for her brother Amin. Also, she makes little books for him as well. Every single day we have new books created and stapled together. I told her she needs to start writing on her computer because she is using up so much paper. (Like save the tree mentality)

This morning as I was cleaning up before they got up I came across with this book she made. I was just about to put it in a “treasure box”, when the illustrations and words cut my eyes.  By the time I finished reading it ,tears were rolling down my face.  I realized that I didn’t know how she really feels about autistic kids  until now.

So here it is, I am copying it with all the spelling errors to show how authentic it is. I tried to scan it but it was written with pencils on the lined paper and it is truly a mess when I scan it. The first page will be scanned since that is a white paper as a cover. I hope you will enjoy this 8 years old writings. I feel really blessed, both of my kids are my gifts from God.

Where the Lost Words Go

a story about autistic kids

By Safiyya

Dedicated to: Amin my wonderful brother

Have you ever wondered how would you express yourself if you didn’t know how to talk?

Have you ever imagined the world without any communication? Not knowing what your loved ones feel, to express where you hurt what you want.

Were you ever in a foreign country not speaking their language, and not understanding what they say.

There are only a few questions you need to consider when you meet an autistic child who can’t talk.

Autistic kids feel like they are in a foreign country and can’t understand things. So, we should treat them nicely, firmly and make them feel at home. Help the kids with autism, open doors to a new world. Help them to rise over the rocks. Make autistic children live in peace, especialy autistic kids.

“How are you?” this shows you care. Some autistic boys and girls are scared of people, because they think other people can hurt them.

Even with all their behavioral issues, they are blessing from God. You have to be patient, gentle, and kind to kids with autism. Than you might help them to be high function..

Autistic children have rights to do every thing they can. They can make their bed, tie their shoes, put on clothes,make sandwich and much more.

Autistic children have to be treated like royalty. Even other kids have to be treated like their autistic siblings, but most attention goes to autistic kids.

Usually when you meet an autistic child, you hold out your hand and say Hello.

These kids who can not speak are God’s creation. It is very rude and mean to harm such a fragile being. Even my super strong 6 years old autistic brother is fragile, and goes black and blue when he is hit and kicked or pulled. Amin my brother is high functioning because we “took  him out into the world”.

Amin plays nicely with me and others too. This is a good sign that your child is getting more sociable. I also want to share with everyone stories about me and Amin, that can teach you something.

The Disc

One day Amin was picking a movie to watch. He said “this one”. So, I said “ok Amin “. I put it down and Amin said ” Give me!” Benefit from this , they express their needs and wants.


Little Joker

I got Amin a toy turkey. Mom asked Amin what a turkey say?.. He knew it say gobble gobble, but he said “how do you do?”

Amin was joking


Three Little Stories

I was putting little Amin to bed and told him 3 bedtime stories, and he fell fast asleep.


Turkey Boy

At the zoo we saw Amin’s favorite animal, the turkey. He put his finger in the cage and the turkey bit Amin’s finger. Amin cried, but his finger wondered back to the cage.


Pop  – a – Boo

I covered Amin with two covers and all his pillows.(believe me he had a lot), and some stuffies. He popped out when I told him too. Then the third time I got worried he didn’t pop out, than  a minute later he popped out!


Goat and Amin

We were at the petting farm when Amin was playing with a goat. Mom was talking to the caretaker and I was petting the goat. Amin came back with no buttons on his shirt. The goat had his meal, shirt buttons.

These stories you just read have benefits, we see how much we love our autistic siblings, and how much fun we can have with them. It is easy to see the dark side of things, but you may choose to see the bright side.. that is much more fun.

The End.



  1. Aww mashallah that is SO CUTE!! I love the little anecdotes at the end that’s so lovely. I have twin nieces who are 8 years old. They might be children and a bit on the immature side but they understand and pick up a lot more from their surroundings than we give them credit for. What a blessed family you have mashallah.


    • Thank you, She sure surprise at times, and I should certainly give credit to her from now on. mashaallah she is a good sister, unfortunately she had to grow up too fast because of her brothers condition. Alhamdulillah, she matured and she had developed compassion already toward others. God is very merciful.

  2. Hi. Your daughter’s writing touched me. Just happened to stumble upon ur blog.

    I have a deaf son who will be 4 in Nov 2010. Muhammad was born deaf in both ears and last March underwent a cochlear implant in his right ear. He can hear sounds but needs speech therapy. HE is not able to talk yet but has started to understand some words.

    Our sons are different but I think there are some things we could relate. The need to communicate especially. Hope everything turns out well. Inshallah

  3. Salam. I am touched by your daugher’s writing. She is sure smart! 😉

    I have a deaf son who was born profound deaf in both years. Muhammad is now 4 years old. Recently we underwent a cochlear implant in his right ear and since then able to hear sounds. HE has to undergo intense speech therapy and it is NOT easy. There are times I despair of him ever talking.

    I can relate to the need of communicating with your soon. HE gets frustrated and my heart breaks when I cant understand his needs. He is able to understand some words not but progress is slow. Inshallah he will be able to talk on day.

    Good luck!

    • Alhamdulillah you found us. may Allah reward you for your kind words. may Allah heal your precious son….ameen

  4. sorry. something wrg with my computer. I thought it didnt post the first comment, and so I made another.. turns out i have 2 comments… sorry 🙂

  5. Salaam Sis,
    Could you email me, I would like to discuss publishing Safia’s story inshallah, to raise awareness amongst Muslim communities.


  6. The gravity and intensity of this piece is immeasurable. Masha Allah, such a potent piece, not from a Dr or Ph D graduate, or a therapist, simply a sister who dedicates, and feels, and gives, and goes with all her heart.
    Bravo Saffiya! Excellent!!

  7. I always knew Safiyya would be a famous writer!! I miss you all very much. I love this site. Keep up the great work. Please give Amin a big kiss from me.
    Fondest regards always,
    Miss Kim =)

    • Dear Ms. Kim

      You made us so happy to write and contact us. Please come visit us. You will be amazed of Amin’s transformation. We always talking about you in a very positive way as you can even read it in some of my blogs. We have a lot to tell you. The publisher found this article of safiyya’s and it will be printed and coming out early November. Please contact me so we can see you. I know Amin would love to see you. you were his favorite.
      We miss you very much, and hope to see you soon..

  8. […] As you all remember my daughter wrote a poem about her little brother a few years back. ( […]

  9. MA, your daughter is so talented and caring.

    • Thank you,

      may her words reach the hearts of people so they may be more understanding and loving to one another..ameen

  10. Really touching to see the compassion and understanding she has towards her brother 🙂 I enjoyed this and am looking forward to more!

    • Thank you for your comment. I hope she will have more time to continue to contribute to this blog .

  11. I am so touched with the way your daughter trying to explain to the world that ASD kids are the same. She is an angel. My boy just being examined as mild autism and we are just starting our journey.
    Your blog is really good and give motivation in special way and surely reminds us that Allah always has a certain way. I am so lucky get a chance to know you.

    • I am glad that you find this article/blog useful. May Allah make your journey easy for you and your family..ameen. Always have faith and never loose hope

  12. Thank you 🙂

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