Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | September 29, 2010

Another Child with Autism Maimed By Distraught Parent

It seem to be more and more news about  autistic children being abused or murdered  by their own parents. Children should be feeling the most secured in their home with their parents.

There are more and more families are broken, and single mothers, and fathers trying to  do everything for their children. Taking care of kids by itself is an important and very hard job. Taking care of an autistic child even harder, especially if the child  (like many of them) have multiple medical  issues along with autism.

Furthermore, this  single parent have to work, so  they can pay for therapies and treatment for their children, they have to maintain their house, and take care of other everyday life  issues. I can not imagine any human being can do this in a long run alone. There is a point when this single parent needs to reach out and ask  for help. Asking for help doesn’t mean that you are weak, or not capable, asking help shows you are a wise, and responsible parent, who looks after their children’s best interest. So, please everyone out there, get help somehow. Make time for yourself, so your life  will not be just a caretaker. You must recognize  and accommodate your own needs in order to be a good parent to your special need child. It is like when you are on the airplane, and they instruct you to put your Oxygen mask on first, in case the cabin pressure  drops, and put your children  oxygen mask on second. What this mean? It means if you do not take care of yourself and your own needs, you will not be able to care for anyone else.

I know that I posted a similar post previously, but I will be posting these stories over and over again to remind every one of the seriousness of the matter.

Also, for those of you who are not caretakers of a special need child, but know someone who is, please, I ask you to reach out to those parents and lend a helping hand, or an ear to listen. I know from my life It is such a blessing when someone ask you ” are you OK? do you need any help? Lets have some coffee!”

The story below is very sad, but reading it may help to prevent another tragedy.

September 29, 2010

Another Child with Autism Maimed By Distraught Parent

From Age of Autism

FutureScrooge CBS 13 Modesto, CA reports on a brutal stabbing of a child with autism. By his mother, who once served on the Council of Developmental Disabilities. Take a long, hard look at Christmas future, and every other day for that matter, if America doesn’t wake up to the need for treatment, prevention, services and support for families facing the growing crisis of autism.  Can we really just accept this? K

MODESTO (CBS13) ―  Neighbors of the mother accused of repeatedly stabbing her autistic son say they had only known the suspect as a devoted mother and autism activist who loved her son more than anything.

Anitra Hankins, 36, is under suicide watch in Stanislaus County custody on charges of torturing, tying up and viciously attacking 13-year-old Miles Hankins on Sunday night.

“He had stab wounds all over him,” said next-door neighbor Christopher Tooze. “A big stab wound in the head.”

Acquaintances were at a loss to describe how the incident could have happened. Anitra Hankins was regarded as a great mother who once served on the state Council on Developmental Disabilities.

In her 2004 resignation letter to the board, Anitra stated, “My health and that of my special needs child will not permit me to continue fulfilling my responsibilities as I would prefer.” Read the full story HERE.



  1. Wow, this is really sad. I am going through a pretty rough day today. Just found out yesterday that my daughter has depression, and ADHD. Just was learning to deal with my other daughter having Autism. It is really hard being a parent of special needs children but this??? This is very very sad. The poor child didn;t even die. Now on top of being autistic he will have to deal with and endure physical pains. I am glad that our faith in Allah (swt) helps us deal with situations like this, we know that what we have been given is a test from Him… inshallah we must presevere. Thanks for the post Sister!

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