Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | December 23, 2010


I wanted to share this little poem with you all. It was written by Carolyn Hunsinger.

Please, mom, hear what I am doing; see what I am saying.
The world is a crazy, confusing, scary place for me.
I can’t do the things other kids do—my body doesn’t work right.
But inside, I’m just like other kids—I need to be loved and appreciated;
I need to belong, to fit in; I need to contribute, to be useful; I need to be heard and understood;
I desperately want you to be proud of me.
I want to tell you my needs, my feelings, my thoughts, but they get trapped inside me because I can’t get my mouth to say the words. There gets so much piled up inside me that sometimes it just blows up everywhere. And I know you’re disappointed in me, and you get angry at me, and somehow,
it’s all my fault.
My actions speak so loudly, you can’t see what I am saying. Yet, my actions are my saying. My body says what my mouth can’t. I act out my feelings, but often, the acting out is such a problem that my feelings go unnoticed. But I have no other way of telling you my feelings.
I want to cooperate, to succeed, to contribute, to feel good about myself, but to do that I must be heard.
Please, mom, hear what I am doing; see what I am saying.


  1. beautiful.

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