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Grant Program

A new year and another chance to get  grant for our kids and their services.  ACT Today is a nonprofit organization. They raise awareness, and provide treatment services and support to families to help their children with autism achieve their full potential. This organization understands that  children with autism needs help TODAY, in order to ensure a better tomorrow for them. Thank you ACT TODAY for giving us the opportunity. Please, if you think you need financial help download the application, fill it out, and send it in before the deadline. If you know someone who might in need of a grant, please pass this post on to them.


The ACT Today! board distributes grants quarterly each year. To apply for a grant, please use the following timeline:

Quarter Applications
acceptance dates
Notification date
1st quarter Jan. 1-30 March 15th
2nd quarter April 1-30 June 15th
3rd quarter July 1-31 September 15th
4th quarter October 1-31 December 15th

Each grant submission will be reviewed in 2 subsequent board reviews. Letters are sent via US Mail to all applicants by the date listed below notifying individuals of their grant status.

ACT Today! requires each grant recipient to complete a short questionnaire 3 months and 6 months after receiving their grant. This may be done via email or US Mail. The questionnaires are valuable tools for the organization’s internal goal and policy making.
Download the Grant Application
To download the ACT Today! Grant Application, please click here.
Please click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions regarding the grant application and process.

About Our Grant Program

Our ability to raise funds is the single most important activity that determines our grant-giving for the year. Once we determine how much we can give each year, we review the following items when considering approval of a grant request:

Completion of grant application – The application must be completed in its entirety to be reviewed. Partially completed applications will be kept on file for one year and additional information may be submitted to make the application complete within that timeframe.

Amount of grant request – Typical grants awarded range between $100 – $5,000.

Household income – While we have not set an income level cap, incomes below $100,000 per year are reviewed first.

Type of treatment requested – Our mission is to fund effective treatments and needed assessments.

Numbers of family members with ASD diagnosis – Applications from families with multiple children with ASDs are reviewed first.

What do the grants fund?

ACT Today! has provided grants to fund the following treatments, however if you need help funding another type of service for your family, please apply! The ACT Today! board considers all types of treatments that help a family living with autism.

– Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy (ABA Therapy)

– Bio-medical Treatment

– Speech Therapy

– Occupational Therapy

– Social Programs

– Auditory Integration Training (AIT)

– Fencing for the home

– Prescriptions/Medications


  1. sign me up

  2. I found this great site with tips… Shoutout to OP for all those great tips they gave me. I believe they paid off

  3. Sellam…
    I am happy that i found this site.I do not know English and writing through the gogle translator.I live in Europe and in the State and the Serbian town of Novi Pazar..My son is 6.5 years and his name is hamza.he has autism.
    Thanks to Allah that he have.Hamza has learned the Arabic alphabet and the Serbian tender.learned suretul Nas…each day listening to 24 ajet Bakara.Unfortunately there is not much help from the society and it is very difficult in our poor country to achieve a lot…no money for toys for him…
    we do not have your house and are constantly moving and do not find him for security…landlords when they hear that they have autism are not willing to take the family to live with them.Allah is our helper….

    • Salam, May Allah make it easy for you and your family…ameen.
      I was very touched by your comment, and I pray that we can find solution for the problems so many are facing. please let me know what language are you speaking, and I will try to translate some of my post for you that may help your son.
      If you have any issues let me know and I will try to help you, ask other professionals to give you answers or solutions.
      About toys, many times the one you make is better for them, although there are some educational toys that are very beneficial as well.
      There are some previous post that might be helpful for you to teach skills to your son called Video-modeling, just write it in the search box and it should pop up, it has 3 or 4 parts. it is easy to do it and you can teach just about anything to children.
      Please feel free to contact me at any time
      Take care

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