Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | March 29, 2011

Autism Survey

Hello everyone,
Here is a survey was put together for all of you out there, either with autism, caring or teaching autistic children.
Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey so they maybe able to help others to understand this disorder. The ultimate goal is to create an appropriate support system for the caretaker, based on their ethnicity, religion worldwide. This is an absolutely confidential survey, and you have the option not to give out your email address. For the greater good please help Kat Houghton with your input.
Thank you all.

We have been working hard over the weekend to get the survey online – it is now running and collecting answers in 25 languages. The survey will be open until April 16th and we are looking forward to hearing from people from all over the world. We have more translations in progress and will add them soon.
Any way that you can help us get this to people of all backgrounds, religions and countries of origin would be incredibly helpful. You can take the survey here
and forward the link.
I’ll be joining The Coffee Klatch parent support group on their blog talk Radio show tomorrow (Tuesday March 29th) at 9am EST to discuss the impact of culture on autism in more depth. If you can join us this will give you a bigger understanding of some of the issues involved
My ultimate aim is to be able to provide accessible and culturally-appropriate parent support programs to people worldwide. In many parts of the world this has to begin with overcoming cultural barriers to acceptance of people with autism (and other disabilities). To break through these barriers to acceptance we first need to really understand what people think and where the fear comes from. The World Autism Views Project is designed to give people a voice so we can hear, and learn from them.

Kat Houghton
Executive Director
Relate to Autism


  1. I have filled the survey already. Your blog is very informative. Have been following your blog for sometime now.

  2. Sorry I misspelled my web address

  3. Sounds like a good idea. There is a real need for services (whether medical services, teaching services or other things) to diversify so that they can cater more for people with unusual needs whether those are disability needs, mental health needs, or cultural needs. To many places seem to have a “one size fits all” approach to everyone that can end up marginalising people.


  4. would love to contact you via email but I can’t find one in your page, please let me know via reply

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