Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | April 14, 2011

Baby Sign Language

I wanted to introduce you all to a wonderful , high quality website, where you can find very useful resources to help your child communicate better.

As we all know, adequate communication can lessen or even diminish a lot of behavioral problems. The  best part of this website  is everything you see there, everything you can download , or print out is FREE. A great gift from the team who created this website, just in time for the autism awareness month. One of the team members will write us a guest post very soon as well. I personally can’t wait to read it. Till then, please everyone use this website with your child, and please pass it along to many others so they can benefit.

Thank you Mey Lau and team members for this wonderful product. Please see  below what this website is all about and what is their vision.

Our website was launched with the vision that high quality, functional educational materials should be accessible to all regardless of their financial capacity. 

Our website is a work in progress but we are very proud of what we are contains:
We believe baby sign language is a viable tool to open a window of communication in certain autism profiles. We have heard wonderful and encouraging stories from many parents. Every digital and downloadable resource we have created is 100% free. We don’t expect for this to be a fix-it-all, but we sincerely hope it becomes one more resource to make the journey easier for thousands of parents facing the challenges of autism.


  1. My friend’s son learned about this because her older son was suffering from delayed speech and it caused all sorts of behaviour problems because it made him so frustrated. She found that baby signs were such a useful resource she found it was worth using for all of her children.


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