Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | April 29, 2011

Juicing Part 3

I got several emails asking ” if we juice for our autistic kids does that mean that they do not have to eat fruits and vegetables?”

Everyone I spoke with advised me that my son should continue eat fruits and vegetables, and juices should serve as supplements.
Also the best way to serve these juices  is about 25 minutes before meals or 2 hrs after meals.

I honestly love juicing. I got an awesome juicer that is easy to use and easy to clean. I never put it away, since I use it at least twice a day. Slowly but surely my kids got used to different juices.

At the beginning certain color really turned their appetite  away, but I learned to put those in a colored plastic cup where everything seem to be green anyways, put a top on and get a nice colorful straw.

Now we passed that phase, and I am able to add more variety to their menu.

I was asked what is the difference between store-bought juices and mine?  Juices from the store contains essential minerals and vitamins.

My answer to that question always … If I can provide those essentials naturally, I will be refraining from artificial supplements.

Also, I do not see any need for my child to ingest anymore preservatives than he already had. Most of those store-bought juices have preservatives in them; they are diluted and packaged in another country. That really gets me going too.

Furthermore, some of the essentials are more potent when they are freshly juiced, and over time they lose that goodness in them.

So what one needs to start juicing?

First and foremost you need to want to do this for yourself and your family.

Then, you need to get a good juicer, and find a place where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables. (It is preferable to get organic if that is available, or if your budget allows it).

You may try your own recipes if you have any, or if you prefer some help there are several good books out there for combinations of fruits and vegetable juices. One of my favorite is “Juicing for Health” by Caroline Wheater.

Now since you are prepared for juicing you need to decide what you are aiming to achieve. For me, I was looking into some detoxification for my son, as well as giving him more supplement since he is not eating as much fruits and vegetables as I would like him to do. Also, his preferred fruits and veggies are very limited. For example he doesn’t really eat cabbage. I did an extensive search what type of juices he would benefit from, and I started experimenting with those choices.

Another great way to make them drink these juices is to ask them to help you to prepare it, or just simply allow them to make their own juices. Give them the material, teach them how to wash it, and they will sure surprise you with the combination they choose.

It is important to wash all the vegetables and fruits in a proper way to avoid contamination of the juice.  Here are some websites that you can check out how to clean your fruits and vegetables.

I was very fortunate to learn about juicing, and its  benefits for my autistic son. Now, as we are into the second month of juicing, slowly I started to see some positive changes in him.


  1. The moment I saw your blog was like wow. Thank you for putting your effort in publishing this site.

  2. I have a friend who has had great benefits from huicing vegetables for her child with Aspergers, Inshallah hopefully you will too.

  3. Amazing blog!!! I want to start juicing for my son since he has ASD, as you I want to start with some detoxification, but I don’t know what kind of vegetables/fruits to juice.. Do you mind sharing some of your recipes?

    • glad you like the blog. You can just google detox juicing and get tons of recipe. I personally use different vegetables and fruits, always changing. I use lots of fresh turmeric for inflammation (i had to clean juicer extra bc of that) and lot of ginger. Start out slow and with fruits your child like. Do not give up. I started with a teaspoonful, now we are glasses a day. be patient and experiment. They will get lots of nutrition from the juicing.

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