Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | May 14, 2011

Vaccine Injury Hush Hush

As some of you might already heard about the study that was released on Tuesday, that they found  83 people who were compensated for vaccine injuries through the Vaccine Injury compensation program. 

And yes, autism was listed there too. The intriguing part in this situation  is, that these  individuals not really supposed to exist according to the federal government, since “we do not have vaccine induced injuries”.

Now  it gets even more interesting. If the vaccines are so safe, than why the parents have to sign a consent  to get the vaccines for their kids, and receive  bunch of pamphlets about what might happen, and what number to call in case of an adverse reaction after vaccination.

The authorities knew  that some of these information about vaccination injury compensation will be available to the general public, consequently they started a very strong opposition relating to all the media coverage regarding these facts.

By God’s mercy FOX news actually  covered this story very extensively. We all know the reputation of FOX news. Therefore we can rely on their coverage since it’s always been delivering legitimate,and truthful  information to the general public.

If you  missed these coverages please find the link below and  watch it, and comment on it as well.

As for me I want to thank Fox news for standing up for the people who had been wronged, and to everyone who deserve to know the truth.

Thank you. God bless you all who promote good and forbid evil.

Dr. Richard Deth and Heather McLennand:

May 10 Press Conference:
Lou Conte Interview:
Mary Holland interview:
Kickoff Fox News report:
Dr. Sarah Bridges interview:

Read the article here:



  1. Salam,

    It’s good that these issues are coming out in the open alhamdullilah- about time too. It’s becoming harder for governments and authorities to hide the fact that there are real and severe risks involved in vaccinations. My parents can tell you all about this because I suffered from a severe reaction to the whooping cough vaccine as a baby and I can’t help but suspect it may have had some involvement in contributing to the health problems I’m having now.

    Anyway, whilst the article you posted was good news for those who are trying to spread the word about vaccine dangers, wallahi I thought this part of it was a joke lol:

    We all know the reputation of FOX news. Therefore we can rely on their coverage since it’s always been delivering legitimate,and truthful information to the general public

    Best Wishes,


  2. jazakAllahu khair. It is refreshing to see the Muslim community take part in addressing the needs of children with autism and their families.


    • thank you for your comment, i find it important to address it amongst muslms, hoping some may deal with their autistic children in a different way

  3. as salaam alaykum,
    like Neelu, that part really made me laugh.

    After we realised Dhuha had severe problems and eventually got diagnosed, when we were still learning what Autism is, we had already decided to never vaccinate any of our children again. They gave her MMR 3 times accidentally and still fail to acknowledge this. It makes me angry to even think about it.

    • wswrwb i am glad i ot a laugh out of some reader lol

      on the other hand this was probably the only thing that this station actually stood up in whole, which really surprise me and gave me a hope that they will be different in their views from now on. (yeh false hope)
      This hits me very hard indeed. My son was a perfect little boy advancing in every day as he supposed to and he was way ahead of his age group in every ways. Once he got his 4 shots when he was 13 months old, in the morning he was ok, 2 hrs after his shot he spiked a very high temp. he coughed etc. they told me it was viral croup, but for a week nothing could be done for him. I didn’t think he will be alive. The next morning I lost him, he was there but not there. I didn’t think to blame the vaccine until few years later when I started to learn about it more. It is horrifying and I do blame myself not knowing what to ask his pediatrician. I stopped the blaming game , but I do put out every research publication about vaccines for others so they may not fall into the same trap as I did. Allah had decreed this for me, for a reason so I am patient with it, but i will be doing what i think is best from now on. There are the so called “green vaccines” out there. I had not had the nerve to try them, but others say those are safe. I am just counting my blessings now on that my son is getting slowly but steadily better.
      may Allah guide us to the truth, and heal our little ones..ameen

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