Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | July 2, 2011

Visiting the Amish Farm

It has been a long time I posted , but we were away, and enjoyed the hospitality of an Amish farm.

We decided to  make a road trip to PA, so we can explore on the way, and enjoy the beautiful landscape of America.

I prepared both kids  weeks before  the trip. With Amin,we did the calendar crossing to show him which day we will be the  traveling day. I removed some of his favorite snacks and toys from him, so I can use them as reinforcements on the trip.

On the road, I made sure he got all his bathroom breaks as soon as he asked for it, and we were successful  staying dry all the way. I made sure we stopped every 1, 1/2 to 2 hrs to stretch our legs and move around a bit. I think I was more stressed than the kids, but we arrived to PA in a great mood without any meltdowns.  I called it a complete success.

Amin and Safiyya adjusted really well to the hotel, I think being really tired from traveling for 2 days helped a lot too. We had a little incident at 3 am in the morning when Amin woke up and asked to go home to his bed. I was able to diffuse that very quickly with the help of a stuffed animal we brought from home, and laying next to him and massaging his  hands. After that night he was much more comfortable as long as I was right next to him.

We were invited to an Amish farm where some of our new friends were staying for a short time. It was an incredible experience for me and the children.  My son has allergy for everything, he has 3 pages of reports what is he allergic too. Taking 2 different kind of medicine , and I have to shield him from everything  to avoid his allergy to flare up. I travel with bags of medicine unfortunately, so if anything happens I can help him until the help arrives. Yes, this is not an ideal situation  visiting an Amish farm in a middle of nowhere. The worst case scenario certainly crossed my mind, but exposing him to new adventures helped me overcome that fear, and I am so glad we made that trip.

My son became someone I didn’t know, a new child. He was talking , exploring and never wanted to come inside.(well the never want to come inside is not new ) He spoke in complete sentences, never had to prompt him to ask for things, he requested on his own , mainly he wants to play with the animals,  or in the sand box, or just to run in a wide open space.

The experience was wondrous for me and his sister. We were allowed to use The Amish family’s home-grown organic fruits and vegetable, they had their fresh milk from their very own cow. Amin is allergic to milk, so he had not had regular milk for years. Before I knew it he drank a full glass of that milk, which almost gave me  a heart attack thinking what discomfort he will have. Happy to report, that he had not had any reaction discomfort f any kind. This made me think about more what am I putting in this child. I try my best to get both of my children eat organic, natural as much as possible. Even the organic milk gives him  discomfort that last for hours and very painful. So I asked the family  “what do you feed your cows?” They simply told me they graze all day long, and drink water. Now my question is what is going on with the organic milk I spent so  much on? The Amish farm looked better and better for me and my children by the minute.

Once my daughter made friends with one of their dogs, the verdict came from her directly…”lets buy a farm mommy, we are Oh so happy here.”  Yes, we were very happy there. I personally was relaxed, I enjoyed seeing my kids being able to be kids, get dirty, walk and run bare footed, touch and feel and experience things that they had never had a chance. I enjoyed looking at both of them sitting in the shade not worrying about they might touch something with pesticides or other harmful chemicals on them.

When my son picked some raspberries and quickly eat it  without me being able to wash it, but no worries here, there were no pesticides used on anything there.  ( I still like to wash everything)

This visit reminded  me of a previous post I posted a year ago called, Horses, Donkeys and sheep helping Autism.  This was a great article explained how successful this one farm was employing autistic people to work there.  It really makes a big difference in a person’s life. After I posted that article, I  wondered how does this idea work, since most  autistic individual have  many sensory issues. How can they get used to all the sensory input on the farm. The experience with my son gave me a validation that this type of setting can be  very helpful for autistic kids and adults as well. Also I have to admit it  worked wonders for me as well. No computer to work on, and the environment was so serene and beautiful that I did not want to miss a moment using my cell phone either.

We were carefree and truly happy there.  Now, when my son wakes up in the middle of the night in his own bed that missed so much on the first night, he asks me” let’s go to the farmhouse mommy please”  Spoken with clarity in a full sentence. I whisper to him on those nights that with God willing we will go back there, or we might have our own farm. He smiles, and holds my hand, and falls back to sleep, and I know he is re-living all the wonders he experienced in his dreams.


  1. It was indeed am amazing time at the farm, especially the time we spent with Amin and Safiyya, alhamdulillah!
    Could we do it again in July, Insha Allah?
    See you soon…….at the farm …….

  2. Wow mashallah that sounds wonderful! I have a theory about cows milk. I found out in recent months that a large proportion of cows are fed corn because corn is cheap and subsidised even though the proper natural diet for a cow is to eat grass. It is possible that in order to cut costs, some commercial farmers give their cows organic corn so that the milk can still technically be sold as organic and that would explain the difference between how Amin reacts to shop bought organic milk and the milk on the farm.

    These days I’ve been looking around in the shops in search of grass fed dairy products but I’m hard pushed to find any products (butter, yogurt, milk etc) that is listed as grass fed. My suspicion is that even many of the organic products are from corn fed cows. I have a mild intolerance to milk but not a full blown allergy. However I do seem to react quite badly to corn. Sad how unnaturally many of our animals are raised as it’s not good for our health.

    I already long suspected that artificial additives had a role to play in the worsening of health conditions such as autism and ADHD, but your article confirms all the more how much difference this stuff can make.


  3. Salaam sister, thank you sister for the wonderful and inspirational ideas, it gave me the idea to start taking my son Hassham horseriding lessons, I think he will love it, Hassham is seven years old and has autism. I took him to pedalpower last week to learn how to start riding a bicycle, and I also rode alongside him (very painful as I am not so well) but we had a fab time, and after the assesment, I was told Hassham could pedal and ride a bike but had no idea how to brake/stop so we are working on that. Afterwards we explored the woodland area and like Amin, Hassham too loved every moment climbing logs and picking various flowers and leaves which we bought back home to make a collage. It’s always really nice to read your emails and I look forward to them, after reading the Juicing newsletter, I wanted to try Hassham with juices, but cannot get him to drink them, his diet is very limited, he wont drink water, or eat much fruit/veg. I usually cook the veg into his rice, and he also wont eat meat, so I make stock with the meat/veg and use it for the rice. Any ideas how I can get him to drink the juice I make for him. Thank you. Wa Salaam.

    • wswrwb sister,
      Alhamdulillah for everything. I am so happy that he will be able to ride a bike. My son learned to pedal, mainly I took him on his bike and we rode on the streets, but he is still can not navigate or stop, so i end up running next to him. It is a good exercise for me and the kids as well. Do not give up, it will happen eventually, it just takes practice.
      My son had a very limited diet. Anything he actually eat, he was allergic to it, and I had to do something b/c we had so many issues because of that. He too didn’t eat meat. I later found out he could not break down the protein and he had a discomfort, and he was smart enough not to eat it. Mashaallah our kids can think for themselves, they just can not express their thoughts. He is on enzyme now and he eats meat and everything else. I was wondering if your son had his allergy testing (mainly food allergy). Once you know what to eliminate than you ca start building his food choices slowly. It takes lots of time and patients, but it is really worth while.
      Juicing as well takes time to build up. Juice what he likes first, and give him very small portions, and when he drinks it reward him with things he likes. Now that is hot summer days, i took him out and make him do hard physical activities and than offer him juice he drinks it all up. We started out with 10-20 cc in the beginning . I gave it to him several times a day but that how small amount he started out with. it took about a mount for him to work it up to 4=8 oz twice a day. IA you will be successful in that and you will see some amazing changes on him. The juicer gave me pulp out and I usually use that to make bread so he has some other fiber intake as well. learn to hide it in different foods, like stuffed cabbage or grape leaves, bread, rice, mix it in spaghetti sauce etc. The more you use your imagination the more idea you come up with. Good luck. may Allah make it easy on you..ameen

  4. really feeling better and relaxed after reading this 🙂

    • ala be zikrillahi tatma’ennal quloob

  5. as salaam alaykum
    To be honest, we have always wanted a farmhouse and more natural way to live. Reading about your visit just makes me want to experience that too.

    • ws It was certainly an eyeopener for me. I am talking to a PHD lady who is doing research about camel milk and its effect and she is setting up Amish farms for autistic kids to be spending time there in a natural environment. once all set up, IA I will write about and how to get in contact with her. her approach is really amazing and it doesn’t seem to be all money oriented like other autism projects.
      I do dream about farm living since that experience, and I hope if this is good for my kids Allah will grant that opportunity for us.

  6. Salam aleykum…I think the difference between your organic Milk that you spend so much on is that it is not raw…

    • WS, Sister Zeinab

      I think the difference is what those cows eat. The Amish cows graze and they do not get any other hormone filled garbage, even some organic milk if you research somehow doesn’t look so organic.
      Now he is drinking strictly camel milk raw camel milk, he loves it,and he benefits from it a great deal.

  7. Truly amazing. The Amish farm! But pity for me coz it is very hard for outside Muslim to travel USA now ( I am Malaysian Muslim). But one day I hope that I could travel to meet this beautiful community and enjoy every piece of peaceful land, healthy milk, and breathe the fresh air. May Allah brings straight path to all good people.

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