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ARGH Autism Alert Card

It is critical to share autism recognition and response information with our law enforcement, first response, criminal justice and educational communities. Public awareness, telling others about the everyday lives of families affected by autism is important, as well as inform people what to expect when they interact with an autistic individual.

Some of these children, and even adults  with ASD have a difficult time follow verbal commands in an everyday situation. Now can you imagine when they are in the circumstance where they are not familiar with. Being sick or injured in the hospital, got lost, or other serious  situation that can trigger unwanted  enhanced anxiety, which may result unwanted behavioral problems.

Law enforcement agencies, school resource officers and medical facilities should train their workforce to recognize the signs and symptoms and characteristics of an autistic child and adult. This will enable them to respond to them a more appropriate way.

Also, the ARGH Autism Alert Card will help people to best respond to these individuals, by simply  reading what maybe occurring in certain situation, and who to contact in case of an emergency. This card along with the training can be a potential life saver. Yes, I did say life saver, and I would repeat it several times over. We hear horror stories about  severe, or even deadly injuries that come to our ASD kids and adults, by simply people not recognizing their conditions.  This is a simple inexpensive way to inform people what they may expect when interacting with these individuals, and who to contact for more information, as well as they have  the consent for medical intervention when it’s needed.  This card is originating from the UK, but as their article say it goes beyond the borders of the UK. So if you think this might be something that you are interested in, you might want to contact  this company.

( I wanted to make sure that everyone knows, that I have no affiliation to this company, nor do I get any monetary compensation for writing about their product. My blog is all about sharing information with you all about autism, and products that may help.)

ARGH are pleased to announce that we have secured the funding to make our alert card available to all autistic people, children or adults, across the UK and beyond. The cost of the card is £1, please contact us to order a card:

Made in a credit card style from high quality plastic,the alert card fits easily into a person’s wallet, purse or pocket, designed to be easy to carry, it acts as a visual aid to assist both the person carrying it and the person to whom it is presented.

The card allows an autistic person to communicate a need. Of course, we know that each person is an individual: the card is limited as to what it can convey and should be seen as a signal to stop and consider, rather than as a conclusive explanation of each individuals needs.

When under stress it is not uncommon for an autistic person to have increased communication difficulties. This will vary between individuals and will change depending upon the environment they are in and the amount of stress they are feeling. A person may lose all verbal communication, may appear to be unable to communicate at all or may simply stumble over words / be difficult to understand. They may appear to be understanding whilst not fully processing what is happening / being communicated to them.

Even for people who experience these difficulties themselves it can be impossible to predict exactly how we may be affected or behave. Even if a person appears to you to be unaffected you must never presume to know how that person feels; remember an autistic person may not be feeling or behaving in the way you would expect. It is useful to remember that autism is not something that you can “see”.

If there is a phone number on the card this should only be used with the consent of the person carrying the card unless they are a child.

Our card has been warmly welcomed by all, we thank Gordon Ellis, the Scottish Court Service’s Sheriffdom Business Manager for Grampian, Highlands and Islands who has distributed information so that the courts, the Procurator Fiscal and police are all familiar with the card. He has also worked with the Sheriff Principal to send our card to all sherriffs in the Highlands and Islands area to start the process of increasing awareness.


  1. I’d go for a medical alert bracelet. My kids each have one. Then they aren’t rummaging in pockets while the police think they are going for weapons. IF, they remember to show it to them. Also, medical professionals recongnize what it is quickly and can access the information in a manner they are trained to use so there should be less confusion.

    Also, my youngest is registered with the OPP. I need to redo it in Sept. It needs to be done annually.

    In Ont all children under the age of 14 can get one free of charge.

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