Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | August 2, 2011

Nopalea Juice for Amin

I promised over a year ago that I will share all my experiences with you all, good or bad. That was the purpose for this blog to exchange ideas, so we may help one another.

As most of you know I have  an almost 8 years old  son with autism. It’s been a long journey for us, with lots of success and there were some setbacks as well. Happy to say, we are moving more forward than backward now.

One of his major  problems were severe headaches every day, and when weather changed it was almost impossible to  get relief for him. He was taking Motrin for at least 2 1/2 years every day around the clock. Sometimes I substituted  with Tylenol. Still, he had my hands against his head to squeeze it together because of the pain.

One day when we arrived to the therapy place, I just told my daughter to remind me to get Ibuprofen for him on the way home. At that moment  there was a commercial on the TV about Nopalea juice. They were advertising this product for autoimmune disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Basically things with inflammation.  A light bulb went off in my head. I been feeling so bad giving him all these medicine, and tried so many other natural  remedies, and nothing could help his headache. I figured this might be the answer for his struggle . I always suspected that he might have brain-inflammation, but no doctor  ordered any test for it, and when I asked about it they looked at me in a very disrespectful way, especially his neurologist.

Autism is a complex neurological and development disorder. Individuals with autism have so many medical problems that needs to be addressed, rather is allergies, gut problems, brain-inflammation and the list can go on and on. They did a research study on frozen brain tissues of 11 deceased  autistic persons, age ranged from 5 years to 44 years.  When they compared to  normal brain tissues, the autistic brain tissue showed evidence of active inflammation of the brain in different regions, but it was most prominent in a cerebellum. On top of this findings, they found inflammation in a fluid surrounding the brain, and spinal cord. Here are some links you may find interesting to read about brain inflammation and autism.

Furthermore they found cytokines  and chemokines that was secreted by the immune system leading to cause inflammation.

After hearing more about the Nopalea juice it looked better and better to me, and I saw a ray of hope, this product might be the answer to my son’s headaches.

Needless to say I ordered the loading dose. I still remember I got the boxful of juice  on  a Thursday afternoon. They recommended 3 – 6 oz per day for 30 days. I figured that I will do the 6 oz since Amin is a big boy. That afternoon I received the juice I gave him 3 oz of juice. It did not taste bad at all, I kind of like it. That night he was not  holding his head, and I did not give him Motrin. Next morning he got 3 oz in the morning, and I told his teachers not to give him the scheduled Motrin, wait until he is asking for it. He did not ask for it. When I picked him up I gave him another 3 oz of Nopalea Juice.  He was doing great without medicine all day.

Amin used to have some major headaches when any kind of storm system was passing by. At that time when I started giving him this juice we had two major front going trough our area.  He did just fine  taking his juice, and not asking for medicine. He even started  sleeping better, and talking more.

I did a bit more research on this wonderful plant and its fruit, and I found out this fruit juice helps to detoxify the body,promotes optional cellular health, anti-aging, and reduce inflammation.

Betalains are a rare and potent class of antioxidants found in extremely high, concentrated levels in the Nopal cactus fruit. When you drink Nopalea, you take these betalains directly into your system, where they work on the cellular level to restore your vitality.

I want to make sure that everyone knows, I am not promoting this product nor do I get any money from the company that are selling this product. I am simply sharing this information with you, in case you have the same problem that I had with Amin… the headache.

He  is taking this juice  for close to three months now. I am happy to report that he  took Motrin only twice since we started this product. Once for earache, and once he hurt his legs. I am trilled to share  good news with you all, and if this information helps another person I will be very happy .


  1. Is Amin still on Nopalea? Have you noticed any other effects besides the headaches disappearing? Are his headaches still gone?

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately he is not on Nopeola anymore due to relocation. Amin had amazing changes with Nopeola. His headaches were gone, hardly ever I had to give him Ibuprofen. He was more aware of his surroundings and speech got better as well. I honestly cry every time when I think of Nopeola and the fact i am unable to provide it for him. He h just now started having headaches again, and h is back on medicine. I just found the cactus fruit here , and started to buy it and juice it adding to the juices I give him. (I juice him all the time) It is starting to make some changes but I know it will take time to see any significant improvement. Back home I seen improvement almost immediately, and other people commented on it in a positive way as well, not even knowing that I had started Nopeola.
      Hope this reply helps.

  2. Hi! Why not order it online? please give him back the Nopalea Juice, as a
    Mom, do whatever it takes to ease your child’s pain?

    • thank you for your comment. Unfortunately,I can not order it and ship it where I am now, the governmental regulation here in this country does not allow me to bring it in. hat I do is I buy the fruit when it is in season and juice it. It really helped him for those few months, now I am trying to experiment if I can dehydrate the fruit and give him that way or if I crush it and dilute it with water and give him that way. I will let you know about my experiment.

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