Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | August 13, 2011

Salt Room…Hope or Hoax?

In our modern world we are exposed to different toxins from air that we breathe in, water we drink to stay healthy (Ironic?) and bath to wash off toxins and harmful particles, food we eat, homes we live in with all the chemicals, clothes we wear.

All these toxins cause a staggering amount of allergic reactions and other respiratory illnesses as well as skin disorders.

So what is the solution to all these modern-day problems? Actually it can be a very ancient remedy…SALT.

Salt is known by the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, that calms the skin helps relief allergy issues and bronchial problems amongst many other healing effects.

Furthermore, the negatively charged salt ions have a positive effect on our CNS, by aiding our body to switch from stress mode to healing relaxation mode.

Just imagine when you go to the beach. You get out of your car, you automatically take a deep breath, and you feel relaxed and you will be in a much better mood. (Ok at least most of us, I know some people will disagree with me.)  It is God’s given instinct for us to take all the goodness in from the first moment we are exposed to something that heals our body and soul.

The history of using salt caves for healing different ailments goes back to ancient times.  From the priests who are involved in healing in Greece, to the Hungarian manuscripts from the middle Ages talking about the healing power of the microclimates of the salt caves. Monks used to put patients in the salt caves where they generated salt dust by grinding the stalagmites.

Salt Room therapy, also called Halotherapy is relatively new in the United States, but it is being widely used in Europe and other parts of the world.  Slowly it still made its way to numerous cities of the USA, and gaining more and more popularity amongst people who try to use alternatives to their respiratory or skin problems.

As you all know my son is autistic, and have very serious allergy problems. He is on two different kind of medication, and a standby nebulizer.  Although he is much better managed with his medicine, he still has some really bad days. A few years ago I discovered an article about a salt cave in South Florida. It would be a few hrs of driving to get there, and I just opted out. Last week I discovered an article that they opened a salt room and it is only 20 minutes driving from my house. I immediately called them, and they give me an appointment right away.

Orlando Salt Room is truly amazing. They have rooms for adults, and they have an awesome kid’s playroom. There is salt on the floor, on the walls, and the ceiling. They have a generator blowing in finely crushed salt particles. They clean the room after each use as well as all the toys. Amin immediately fell in love with the Orlando Salt Room. He asks to go “Play in the sand salt”. Well, right now he is playing in there x 4 a week, and we had some remarkable gains. The first day he spent 45 minutes in the salt room, he went to bed without any visible or audible congestion, and slept 10 hrs straight. Although he got up with some congestion, after the second treatment he got cleared up gain. We did 3 consecutive days of salt therapy and he felt wonderful, slept well and he was in a generally good mood.  We took 2 days off and he slipped back to congestion, but it wasn’t as severe as before. Since he is unable to express his feelings I cannot really tell his whole experience. I took my daughter there with him, and she was telling me that she felt weird b/c her ears were popping like she was in the airplane. That explains why Amin was moving his head from one side to another, and opening his mouth. She said it is not uncomfortable; actually it made her feel good and clear. She feels relaxed, and breathes better. After 5 sessions I was able to take her off of one of her allergy medicine.

Salt therapy is known to help to improve asthma, chronic ear-nose-throat conditions.

Also, there is an article claiming that 45 minutes of salt therapy equals 3 days spending on the beach.

Yes, some of you may say why not going to the beach than. Well, for me it takes a longer drive to get there, and there are times like now, that the beach is full of jelly fish in the water and outside of the water. I just don’t have any desire to be stung nor have my children endure the painful stings by these creatures. I think this can validate not going to the beach, as well as the rising gas prices.

To see result, and maximize the salt therapy’s benefits you need to go for serious of sessions.

As for everything else, Salt therapy has a few but very mild possible side effects. We did not experience any of it, but you must be aware of these as well in order to determine if this therapy for you or not.

It can be an irritant to the eyes, can cause tickling of the throat, or if you are coughing, you may see some increase of coughing in the first few sessions. After that it will calm down, as well the skin irritation that can last only for a few days. The person who is very sensitive and develop conjuctivities may close their eyes during the session, or wear a protective device for their eyes. The tickling of the throat can be relieved with a warm water gargle.

My advice is to consult your physician before you start this therapy so he may advise if this can be a benefit for you.

I tried to talk to Amin’s pediatrician but she didn’t know anything about salt therapy, but she did not oppose the idea of trying it either.

Salt therapy must be avoided if you have certain medical conditions. I want you all know that I am not a doctor, therefore what I wrote is not a medical advice, purely research and personal experience. As for everything else, you know your body better than anyone else, and if you think you may benefit from this therapy just do it. If you are unsure ask your doctor.

So do I think this therapy is HOPE or HOAX? I think for now, Amin and Safiyya is benefiting a great deal from it, so for us it is certainly HOPE.



  1. Salam,

    Thanks so much for sharing,
    It is very interesting as Zak has allergies as well, and I did notice a huge change when we went to Cuba, being at the beach was so beneficial for him,
    I unfortunately do not have any beaches close by just lakes, but I did look up salt rooms and found a couple of them only 15 minutes away from me, I will definitely give it a try.

    Thanks again for sharing and Ramadan Kareem to everyone.
    May Allah accept your fasting and reward you greatly.

    • Ws Amina, Ramadan kareem to you too. Please let us know how it works for your son.

  2. Eid mubarak to you and your family.

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