Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | September 1, 2011


School has started for most of our kids, and that means new IEP  needs to be developed.

My son  has been in school for almost 3 wks now, and we already got the appointment for his IEP meeting.

If some of you do not know IEP stands for Individualized Educational Plan, which is mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

For years IEP meetings caused me lots of anxiety, mainly because I did not understand all the  “educational jargon” they used during the meetings. Since than my son went to a school where the team explains everything the parent doesn’t understand, they make the parent understand what is her role in this process, and they listen to us what we want  for the child to achieve this time.

If a child receive special education than they have to develop a new IEP at least once a year. Good thing about IEP is it can be revised  as necessary. Children grow, and reach their goals sometimes much quicker than it was anticipated, or new behavioral problems arise and that needs to be addressed as well. IEP must identify the child’s learning problems accurately and define  the approach of how to deal with those issues. A well-developed IEP should reduce or eliminate the problems the child have. It should provide the parent as well as the teachers  an objective measurement of  the child’s progress or lack of progress.

These meetings can be intimidating, but you need to keep it in mind that if you do not stand up for your own child no one else will.

Furthermore  all parents are  playing a very important role in these meetings.

Here is a link that would be very helpful to read before  attending the IEP meeting.


  1. as salamu alaykum sister

    i’m also a mother of a authistic boy aged six.. i would like to get in touch with you somehow.. do you have facebook?… or take my messenger inshAllah.. hope to hear from you insha’Allah

    jazakallahu khaira.

    Umm Bassam- denmark

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