Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | September 5, 2011

Helping Kids Cope with Disaster

Disaster can strike any day, any season, pretty much anytime.
We all need to cope with it at one time or another, and in a different scale. It is important to prepare the child for an event like that, so they may understand what they have to face, experience, and what consequences they have to deal with. All children deserve to be informed, and prepared, so they may deal with these difficult times better.
I remember the first time I experienced a Tropical Storm with my children. I searched extensively what I have to do, and how to prepare the kids for something like that. I even wrote a post about disaster preparedness for special need kids. ( I have to revise it and add much more to it)
We handled it really good, and we were lucky  that we never lost our electricity, and the flood water stopped  at the middle of our backyard.
When it was all over, I realized there were much unanswered questions  from my kids. Just didn’t know how to  explain things to them.

I found this link that FEMA sent out when hurricane Irene was about to hit the East Coast.  This link has some very good points, and the parent can customize it to their needs, and their children’s understanding.

Since we are in hurricane season now, having frequent tornadoes, some part of our country has major fires, or flooding, we can use some help from this handy booklet to help our  precious children, and make things more understandable for them. You be surprised how much they can understand, and with simple techniques how much anxiety we can reduce for them.



  1. […] Preparing for any kind of disaster is very important for all families, but when it comes to special needs  individuals, the task can create a bit more challenges. It really doesn’t matter what disaster you are  making arrangement for, the principle of all preparation are the same. You might need small modification for different events, but the basic needs and wants are usually the same., […]

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