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Interview with Anaya Nayeer founder of Greenbird Books

Tell us about Greenbird Books
Greenbird Books was founded by me  in 2007, after having my own family I  felt there was a need for imaginatively written and beautifully illustrated multi-cultural children’s books for readers of all abilities. I am based in London and look for resources drawn from different cultures and traditions paying close attention to promoting a diverse world.My books are aimed at  parents and educators who want to fire children’s imagination. Our focus is to create stories of cultural relevance with an educational emphasis on children of varying abilities.  All Greenbird stories carry a special message of unity and aim to offer positive role models for our growing readership.

You will publishing a short story around November titled, ‘ Where the lost words go.’
One of my aims for the business was to develop books around special educational issues for different cultures.
In order to raise awareness on subjects such as Autism in the Muslim communities, I began my research and came across this website. I was very moved when I read Saffiya’s account describing life with her Autistic brother, Amin.  I immediately contacted the site owner to discuss creating Saffiya’s story into a book.

What is the book about and who is it for?
The book is written from the perspective of an older sister, who has a younger brother with Autism.  The family are Muslim and the story highlights how important it is to care and understand the needs of children on the spectrum.  It is a gentle introduction to Autism for young family member and a way to discuss for the wider family also.
The book is for anybody wanting to introduce Autism to young children. It is also for Muslim families who need resources to identify with and educators who want to show real-life topics being dealt with in varying environments.

What other projects are you working on?
Having nearly completed this book, it became very clear to me that a book was needed for Muslim Parents, to act as a guide and source of support. The aim is to collect stories from Muslim parents raising a child/children on the Autistic spectrum.

How can we help?
The book will be called, ‘My Autistic Muslim Child.’ In respect to my colleague’s website.
I am wanting parents to provide me stories from their everyday lives. In particular I am wanting to know how Islam has helped you in raising your Autistic child.
Accounts can use any part of daily life when we have had challenges with our children or other people and how we overcame them.
All names will be changed to protect the identities of those who participate in this worthy cause. The aim will be to produce a book full of parental wisdom based on Islamic values to help all those on our special journeys with our children, inshallah. The book will hopefully bridge together many Muslim parents and lead to better informed communities when it comes to Autism.

How can parents send their stories to you?
Please send your stories to

I will personally respond an acknowledgment and discuss further with the sender.



  1. I am sure lots of people are wondering “Where the Lost Words Go”.

    Seems like a wonderful project!

    • It is a great project and I am inviting you to participate.

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