Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | October 1, 2011

Superbrain Yoga

As most of you know by now that I try anything natural for my son what potentially can help him.

I found this amazing exercise a few weeks ago. The reason I did not share it with you all right away because I wanted to try it out and see if it helps, or makes any difference for him.

We encountered a little difficulty just starting this exercise, and I had to turn to his teachers for help. As always,  Ms. Carol, Ms. Stacy, and Ms. Megan came to the rescue to help me to teach this little boy how to do this exercise.  Amin is an active boy but this exercise requires a bit of coordination. Ms. Megan broke down the task into simple steps.

First she taught him to cross his arms. Once he was able to do that task easily x3 they moved onto the next step to touch his ears (while his arms were crossed). This second step was a little more challenging for him, but he managed to do it well after  many practices.

Once he is able to do this two steps easily,  we can introduce the final third step squat  down with arms crossed and holding onto his ear lobes.  We made some great progress with these steps, but still working on it.

As Ms. Megan suggested I started teaching him to squat down,  and learn that first. Now he is able to do that, and I am adding the “cross your arms, and touch your ears” task to it. We have some difficulties with it, so I get behind him and try to support him a bit, so he can do the exercise, and become more proficient of it. Now, he is enjoying to do this exercise, and asking for it as well. Sometimes he wants to do it at night as well.  I started making him perform this exercise before school, (this is hard lately since he doesn’t want to get up in the morning and we are always rushing), and he has to do it before  starting homework.  I am not sure if there is any changes at school yet, but I can testify that he is much calmer and focused doing his homework. Amin is still not mastered this exercise yet, and I am hoping  that with practice he will be able to do it very soon alone and perfectly.

This exercise makes sense, and I really hope that he will be able to perform this 100%. As  for me and my daughter, we started this exercise and doing it every day, several times a day, and I found it very helpful for both of us.

Please have an open mind, give it a try, we can never do enough to help our mind and concentration. This simple exercise  will not even cost anything. A few minutes of your life can potentially give you a great benefit, help your child in school and life.



  1. Hi, Just want to know if you are experiencing any positive results so far from this exercise.

    • Hi,

      He still did not mastered the exercise, but we are doing it before school and homework every day. I did not tell people about it that we are doing it regularly, but he seem to be more calmer, and others noticed that too.
      Also, interestingly when he gets restless he holds on to his ears crossing his arms and coming to me to help him to squad down. I personally seen more focus from him, and it really shows during homework time. I am really anxious to see how he will be after he does the whole exercise on his own , and more. I will be posting an update on it for sure.
      Trust me it doesn’t hurt it makes positive differences.
      I have a friend with an ADHD child whom I was teaching to use this exercise, and the boy is doing great in school. He started doing it about 2 wks ago, and the mother had not been called into the principles office for a wk now. That is a major improvement for sure.

  2. Salam,

    It’s good to see positive results from so many of these new things you’re trying mashAllah. I know this message is a little off topic but I received a message from a very wise gentleman I know about how milk is produced in the US. It made me think of what you said about Amin being able to drink lots of milk at the Amish farm but not tolerating ordinary milk from the store. Do you know if the milk at the Amish farm was raw and unpasteurised by any chance? This can cause certain bacteria from the cow to enter the milk, but the milk is always checked to ensure that the bacteria levels are not beyond safe levels (whereas the pasteurisation process can cause bacteria to be killed in milk and that would include healthy bacteria). Anyway I’m going off on a tangent here. I should also point out that this problem of hormones (or BST) being added to cow’s feed might not apply to Organic milk but I’m not sure Allahu alam. This was the message Peter T put up on a Lyme Disease forum and gave me permission to repost:

    US farmers found in the 1960s that adding testosterone to cows’ feed caused the
    yield of milk to increase significantly. This practice increased rapidly so that
    today all US farmers add testosterone to cows’ feed in lesser or greater
    amounts. The practice is banned in the EU.

    During the Clinton administration funds were given for two research studies to
    look at the amount of testosterone if any still in the milk, and possible
    effects. These studies initially showed that there was residual testosterone in
    milk. The studies proceeded until George W. Bush was elected. US farmers and
    farming companies mainly are a strong Republican group and their lobbyists
    acted. The funding for the studies was stopped and the studies were abandoned.
    Today this addition is entirely unregulated.

    Today no-one knows what effect this has. Possible outcomes are that there are
    residual amounts of testosterone in the milk; that this affects much food
    production as so much milk is used in food production, especially in cake,
    biscuit and bread production. Drinking milk may also add to the intake of
    testosterone for children and women as well as men.

    In children this may lead to unnatural growth spurts and over-eating. The effect
    on women may be to eat more or to accumulate more protein than they would

    The effect of testosterone on men is more widely known as addition is common
    among body builders. Many US boys and men are big and also have a
    characteristically wide neck so that the neck profile has almost disappeared in
    many. The effect on libido and aggression is researched, especially in the
    context of reduced testosterone production. High testosterone levels in later
    life lead to prostate problems.

    For Lyme sufferers high testosterone levels may lead to suppression of the
    immune system. This might hide symptoms that would otherwise appear. However,
    the disease would reach a stage where the immune system was overwhelmed. By then
    it would be harder to achieve management of Lyme.

    • ws, Thanks Neelu for this detailed info. I really appreciate it.
      When he drank the milk it was all raw, she just milked the cow, and Amin snatched the milk. The truth is they just let the cows graze and they do not get hormones and all the other poison that causes them to have more milk. Either ways he was ok. I do use organic, but for some reason he is still having problems, so now, we switched to FLEX Milk. It is great for him, and he gets his Omegas from it as well since he has a very hard time taking it as a supplement. Again, I really appreciate your input in this.
      Another note i wanted to ask you about a project that a sister is doing in London. If you could write about your experiences with autism. She is writing a book and asking others parents and others who are exposed to it to write about their experiences. i was wondering if you would be willing to do so, and privacy will be completely protected. Contact me at Looking forward hearing from you

  3. Alhamdullilah it’s good to know that ‘flex’ milk is helping him get his omega 3s. I’ll be honest I haven’t heard of ‘flex’ milk before. It’s probably not well known in the UK.

    I’m not sure if it’s a good idea for me to contact this sister in London because really, I’ve not had much experience with Autism at all. One of my second cousins has it but she was raised in the US so I’ve only met her a couple of times in my life. I also suspect that her uncle in the UK has a mild form of it but that’s just a hunch and as it’s such a taboo issue, no one really discusses it and even if we did, we know he’d never look into seeing a Dr for an assessment or anything (I think he wont even bother to see the Dr about his blood pressure or anything).

    I might have mentioned before that I’ve wondered if I had borderline ASD, but I’ve never really looked into it and don’t think I’ve been assessed for it so that’s only an educated guess. I think it would be a lot more productive if you had some participation in the project from people with much more direct experiences inshAllah. By the way, does the sister just want to hear from UK based Muslims about this or would she be interested in hearing from US based sisters as well? I know of two American convert Muslimahs who are raising autistic children and can ask them if you like?

    • Ws, Anyone who can contribute will be great, regardless where they live. So if you know anyone please let them know and I will be more than happy to forward their write ups to her.
      Again, thank you for your comments, as always it is very interesting and helpful. take care

  4. Assalaamu aleikum sister
    I just discovered your blog via a post on the CAMD (Canadian Association of Muslims with Disabilities) Facebook page. It’s very informative ma sha Allah. May Allah reward you for raising awareness of autism in the Muslim community; we have a lot to learn!
    I’m v interested in this yoga exercise you posted, I’m very absent-minded and getting worse! How many times should it be repeated in a session? JAK

    • wswrwb Umm Mahmoud, I am glad that you found me. It has no specific amount of time but they do recommend 5 minutes per day. You can chop it up as you like, I do that with my son, and still helps him to focus much much better. Hope this will be some help for you and many others IA.

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