Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 29, 2011

A Wish for children

Families with special need children have an extra dose of stress.  A simple picnic can be a few days of planning for some of us. Vacation is another difficult task,  which some families can not even dream of due to so many special needs, and severe financial strain due to medical or other  bills. All children deserve to be treated special regardless their disability.

There is a wonderful organization in central Florida called New Hope For Kids where special children’s wishes being granted. This is the place where dreams come true for families with special needs children. This is the organization that takes the worry off of the children and parents for a while, so they can all experience and know that they are all worthy and special in so many ways.

Their founding comes from charitable donations, and over 90 cents of every dollar goes toward to grant a wish, or help families with special needs children.

This organization made dreams reality, and put a smile on these wonderful kids face.

I personally had a pleasure to meet Ms. Rosie who interviewed me to grant a wish for my son Amin.

Ms. Rosie has a group of helpers from UCF . These group of business students organize a party for the kids before their wish is being granted. The application process is simple, and not degrading at all. The encounter with Ms. Rosie and her volunteers are an amazing experience, and the end result for the children is almost unimaginable.

If  any one wants to do a good deed, this is the organization you want to get in contact with.


There are many ways to help, one can donate money or volunteer, or just call them up and ask how can you help. This is the charity that will always stays with a person, because the reward is great. Once  you see  the happiness on these families face that sight will engrave itself into your heart. Giving is always a great feeling, and knowing that all your hard work, and  hard-earned money is going to the right place. There is a difference between giving charity, or giving from your heart. The people at New Hope for Kids  are giving from their heart and soul.


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