Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | December 22, 2011

Strong limits on mercury emissions from coal plants

Mercury is a metal that has been used in products. Although quite useful, mercury is also poisonous and can contaminate the environment if it is not disposed of properly.There are several forms of mercury.

The “Elemental” mercury can be absorbed into the body through vapors.

Organic mercury is soluble in lipids, and cross the blood brain barrier, and placenta easily.

Inorganic mercury  is used in medicines. 

Different mercury affects people in various ways, but  the bottom line is, all forms of mercury can be detrimental to the individual’s health.

People can be exposed to mercury by breathing in mercury fumes, eat food (like fish), or drink water that is contaminated with mercury, and it can be absorbed through the skin.

Levels of mercury in the body can be checked by blood test, urine test and hair testing.

Mercury affects the nervous system by targeting and killing neurons in specific areas of the nervous system, like the visual cortex, cerebellum, Dorsal root ganglia. 

Mercury is highly toxic for all people, but it has  a severe effect on a developing brain of the fetus, and children.

I am happy to announce that, just yesterday, the Obama administration announced strong limits on mercury emissions from coal plants. This is a huge step for the health of all Americans and the priorities of health over profits.


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