Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | April 2, 2012

Survey of Parental Support for Muslim Parents

I would like to ask you all to help this sister with her research. The survey you will be taking is 100% anonymous, and it will hep to collect data about parental support in the Muslim community.
It is autism awareness month, and we need to take every possible steps to raise awareness. This survey takes only a few minutes away from your life, and it is certainly a charity giving up a few minutes to participate in a good cause. This research can possible be a stepping stone to establish or organize something for Muslim parents with special need children. We may never know where this might take anyone who will analyze this data, so I was happily participating in it, just hoping to see some positive outcome.
Please pass it around freely, so we as a community can help contribute reliable data for this research.
See the sisters email below and the link to take your survey.
From : Muneera 

As Salaamu Alaikum Sister,
I am a special educator, and mother to an older child with Bipolar Disorder. I have been following your blog for some time now and I am so happy to see more and more Muslims speaking out about their children with special needs. I am also currently pursuing my doctoral studies at GW University and I want to focus my research on the amount of parental support for Muslim parents of children with special needs. I would greatly appreciate it if you could fill out my survey for my current research (it should take less than 7 minutes) and pass it along to any other Muslim parents of special needs children that you know…



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