Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | April 8, 2012

A Public Thank You to Intervention Unlimited

Its been 5 months since our relocation, and the hardest part still is missing Amin’s previous school (Intervention Unlimited), and his Therapy Place.

Amin started attending Intervention Unlimited after I had to pull him from public school, where he was severely mistreated. I was very skeptical moving him to another school, especially private school since we had a very bad experience with private school before too.

After I spoke with the director Mrs. Jing, I realized this school will be the best for him, where he can receive good education, love and care.

When Amin started Intervention Unlimited, he was a very anxious , timid boy. He had lots of aggressions, crying spells, and tantrums which lasted a long time. He was very soft-spoken, since his self-esteem was robbed from him from the previous schools. Ms. Susan, his first teacher was like an angel. She cared for him, and was always very kind to him as well as everyone else in the school. When Ms. Susan left the school, he got a new teacher which really worried me, but Ms. Meaghan turned out to be another angel in Amin’s life. She was another excellent educator a joy to be in her classroom.  As always  kids surprise you, and his transition was smoother than we anticipated. Ms. Julie and Ms. Kema became his third teachers there. Words can not describe the hard work and love they gave Amin. He  advanced a great deal, despite the medical issues he had to deal with. Ms. Julie and Ms.Kema were wonderful to my NT daughter as well. This past year Amin got another teacher Ms. Carol. That was just a confirmation for me, regardless who is he getting he will be in good hands. You see in this school, it is not like” these are my kids, and I care for them only”, it is more like “these are our kids, and let’s make a difference“. Every personnel in that school is striving to make a positive impact in these kids life’s. Little that they know that they also make a huge impact in the rest of the family’s life. My daughter was always invited to school programs, and she ended up volunteering there too. She gained understanding about autism, she grew more loving toward her brother, (she loved and protected  him even before), she developed more compassion toward different people.

Intervention Unlimited is a school where the doors are always open, so the parents can come to the teachers ( on reasonable basis, so they do not  disrupt teaching) ask their questions, and be trained how to teach them if they are interested doing so. This school provided us with a wealth of knowledge and resources.If the parents had any issues with the children, we were able to contact the teacher, director or principle Ms. Wendy, who helped us conquer the problems immediately.  Just to make you see the kindness of this place I tell you a story.  My son had frequent ear-infections, middle and external infection which are both very painful. In the public school setting, they would not even call me when he was crying (well the last year only, before that, he had two great teachers Ms. Dana and Ms. Kim they were very kind  with him). He could cry and pull on his ears, and they put him in seclusion saying he is a difficult child. One day, when he just started this school, I got a call from the teacher, and asked me to come and pick him up because he is crying and puling on his ears. I was racing to the school because I did not want him to be put into seclusion. When I got there, the secretary told me to go the principle’s office because my son is there. As I entered I saw him sitting on Ms. Wendy’s lap doing his work at her desk, while she is patting his back to comfort him.  There is no such a thing seclusion and restraint in this school, and no such a thing letting him cry it out when he is in pain.

Needles to say, my son learned so much from his teachers at this place. he gained back his confidence, learned to be loved and love again. As you can see to finding the right school maybe not straightforward, and the parent is responsible to look for signs. I was blessed to have Amin in this school, where they treated him firmly with love. The school is still part of our lives. I have weekly consultation with Ms. Wendy, who helps me iron out issues with him, as well as guiding me with his academics. I know that everyone in that school (not just the teachers that I named) will be in our heart for the rest of our lives.

Thank You Intervention Unlimited for giving my son’s self-esteem self-worth back. Thank You for your caring, compassionate treatment toward Amin and my family. God Bless you all.Disclaimer: I want my readers to know that this is not an advertising of Intervention Unlimited. This article was written by me, with my own experiences, words, displaying my felling, and I do not receive any benefit from writing this article. This school is very close to my heart, and I wanted to thank everyone in there publicly for the service they had provided for my son. This article has no intention to influence or promise anything regards to Intervention Unlimited. It is simply a thank you note.

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