Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | April 12, 2012

Therapy or Torture?

There was always a controversy about shock therapy. Some swears by it, and  some  say it is an abuse.

Treating a child, a teenager a person who is needing to be cared for instead they are treated with shock therapy for aggression. There are so many therapy solutions are out there for aggression, and we are reducing ourselves to torture individuals.

Is this really  called therapy, when a person crying out in complete utterly fear, and clearly stating “NO,NO,NO”? What part of “NO” the therapists can not understand?

My son is autistic, and if he should have aggression I will ask a behavioral therapist to help me to figure out why those behavioral issues are occurring, and solve the problem from the root.

Watching this video clip, (more coming in a future from the same case) I fear for my son’s safety. I fear if I should not be around, and he is alone and no one advocates for him what will happen to him. What will happen to our kids in a hands of these “professionals”.

Even Disability Rights International has filed report with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture involving the  Judge Rotenberg Center for disabled children engaging in shock therapy and restraint. This center  has been using electric shock and restraint for controlling behaviors of children. In their report, they stated that some times these electric shocks are administered remote-controlled packs, attached to the child’s back, called Graduated Electronic Decelerators (GED)

Many video tapes were destroyed previously that contained two other teenagers being shocked for punishment, for prank calls in the same center. To read the whole story  click here.

What is really disturbing me in these cases, that our kids with autism have emotional problems, they have aggression, they have self-inflicted injuries. Some  are unable to communicate, some do communicate but not adequately. These are the children who can “qualify ” for receiving this type of “therapy”. I ask you all who read this article and being brave enough to watch the you-tube video, to please speak up, and stand up for the children who need help, who need therapy, who doesn’t need torture. This is a torture as far as I am concerned, these children did not commit any crime, and they are not the public enemy, they need help, guidance care.We are living in the 21st century, is this our only option to treat aggression?

Below, find the link of this so called behavioral modification with electric shock. If you are a sensitive person i advise you not to watch this video, it is too graphic.



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