Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | April 14, 2012

A Public Thank You To Therapy Place in Orlando, Florida

Most of us have some milestones that we remember for the rest of our lives. Amin had achieved many of those in Therapy Place, In Orlando, Florida. The remembrance of these achievements were not just celebrated by me and my kids, but the staff of Therapy Place joined in with complete sincerity. Amin received OT and ST in this facility for over 2 years, and  he made some amazing progress with a help of  all the therapists there.

This place is not your ordinary therapy place, where you go drop off your kids, and wait in the waiting room until they are done. This place  become a part of my  family, with every individuals who works there to make a positive impact in every kid’s life. It is personalized to all  families with their specific needs in mind.

The office manager Ms. Monica works tirelessly to accommodate all the children and their parent’s needs and wants. She goes above and beyond to help with the schedule that can be convenient for everyone, yet the child will be fully benefiting from the services they receive there. She has tons of up to date resources regards to autism and other special needs, which she shares with all the parents/caretakers. She helps families in more ways than anyone can imagine. She takes care of all the insurance needs and wants, and leaves very little doing to parents. Honestly, the only work I had to do is to fill out papers, and she did all the callings and approval for me. They are in constant contact with the child’s pediatrician and Insurance company, so one burden can be taken off of the parents. Ms. Monica carefully hires very skilled compassionate therapists, focusing on the benefit of every child who attends this facility.

Ms. Stacy was my son’s speech therapist , and occasionally Ms. Gladys was working with him as well. My son made a huge improvement in his language skills while he was receiving speech therapy.  They worked with him very hard so he  will be able to learn essential communication skills. My main focus was always that he will learn to tell when he is hurt, or communicate his wants and needs. My son became  a pretty demanding little boy, but this kind of behavior was very welcome in my household. I can not ever thank Ms. Stacy and Ms. Gladys for their help, their endless patience they showed toward my son.

Ms. Margarita, and Ms. Jacelle  was my son’s Occupational therapist. He learned many beneficial skills from both therapist, and truly loved them as well. He learned to write, learned to ride a bike, color, cut and everything that was able to bring him close to his grade level. Every time we passed by the Therapy Place he wanted to get out of the car to see Ms. Jacelle. Lets just say, she spoiled Amin, and as far as I knew she spoiled every single child that was under her care, and that was just fine with us parents.

Everyone in the Therapy Place treated our kids like it is their very own, they gave their respect, love freely to all the children and their families. Every parent was able to learn how to continue therapies at home, so a child can benefit  even more, and advance even faster. They were in contact with my son’s school, so all his therapy needs can be met at school, or his behavioral issues would be addressed the same way in therapy as it was addressed in school.

The Therapy Place always remembered ever child’s birthday, and that included their typical siblings too. They made sure that everyone knows that they matter, and they are loved. Between Amin’s school and the Therapy place Amin’s life was transforming very fast in a positive way.

This month is an autism awareness month. I could not think of a better time to thank Therapy Place for their effort, their amazing services, their love and concern toward us.

God bless you all, and please know we love you, and you will always have a special place in our hearts.

Disclaimer: I want my readers to know that this is not an advertising of the Therapy Place. This article was written by me, with my own experiences, words, displaying my felling, and I do not receive any benefit from writing this article. This place is very close to my heart, and I wanted to thank everyone in there publicly for the service they had provided for my son. This article has no intention to influence or promise anything regards to Therapy Place. It is simply a thank you note from me and my children.


  1. Thank you for being such and excellent person and one of the best parents in the world. “Special Children are only given to Special Mothers like you.”
    We missed all three of you.
    Gladys Lopez

    • Thank you Ms. Gladys, you may never know how much you all mean to us.

  2. I miss seeing Amin and sofia with you in therapy … I am the mother of Axiel. I hope to see you again soon.

    • Hi,
      I miss you all, every one who works there, every child who attends the Therapy place and every parents who are there to make sure their kids get the best treatment. never a day goes by that I do not think of you all.

  3. Hi!
    I hope that everything will be good. Thanks for you words, We love him and really miss you!!!
    Margarita Sanchez, OTR/L

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