Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | May 11, 2012

Mother’s Day 2012

For me, every day is a Mother’s Day. I think of my mom often, and even if I can not see her I call her (which I never think is enough),and be there for her as much as I can.

It’s been said many times  that ” it is easier to carry a child than to raise them.” Well this can be disputed by many others, but the fact is raising an upright child is not an easy task. Society heavily rely on mothers to raise valuable citizens so they can take over the task in years ahead.

In Islam a mother has a very high and dignified position, as well as many responsibilities to raise a righteous child.

And We have enjoined on man to be dutiful and kind to his parents;  his mother bears him hardship,and brings him forth with hardship; and the bearing and the weaning of him was thirty months. (46:15)

As you can see in this verse both parents were mentioned, but the mother was singled out.

Although  motherhood is full of beautiful experiences, but it sure entails many difficulties too. It is truly amazing how mothers can undermine those difficulties, and prefer to enhance the beauty of motherhood. Mothers, who do they job as they supposed to, have great qualities and that makes them irreplaceable in their children’s life. The mother’s love to her child is deeper than the deepest part of ocean. they love their young, adolescent, and older children unconditionally. The child can be healthy, or special need, even a trouble maker, the mother’s love will never discriminate, and the nurturing, helping hand will carry the child to their adult life. Mother’s love can be in many forms, a kind smile, a sweet talk, hugs and kisses, teaching right from wrong, but being firm and consistent in advocating the right thing is mother’s love too. “Tough Love” is part of mother’s love, that can help the child become a strong building block of society.

Moms sacrifice a lot for their children from the moment of conception. Their dedication and sacrifice  are unmatched to anything. They put the child’s needs before their needs, many times they give up their desire in this life, so they may better attend to their kids. We have very highly educated mothers these days, but their most valuable work always remains raising their kids.

Mothers always protect the child, and teach them to safe guard themselves as well. Mothers become models in their children’s life. As the child grows up they will take on what they observe  in their childhood.

I was very fortunate to grow up with an outstanding mother. Her care, love guidance helped me to navigate through my life. Till these days, I come to her to get her advice and strength in all parts of my life.

My mom gave me the strength and encouragement to deal with many obstacles that life throws at me.I firmly believe that without her teaching, I could have never tackled the task of raising a special need child.  I could never face the difficulties of health problems I am facing in almost a daily basis with my children. Without her loving support and encouragement I could never overcome of the failures of my life.

My mom taught me to love unconditionally, and disregard society’s cruelty regardless of who says, and what they say about my kids or my parenting. She taught me, that I must have confidence in my parenting, and it is OK to get help if needed, and listen to others advice, but it is not necessary to apply them always.

Mother’s day should be every day. Most of us takes so much for granted, and we forget about all that our mothers had done for us. Sometimes we do not show appreciation for what they do, and once our mothers are gone, that is when we feel the void. So lets celebrate Mother’s Day , with love and remembrance of good, closeness and promise for the future. We can always get flowers, and other gifts for our mom, but I know the best gift to all moms is to be close to their kids.

I wanted to thank my mom  publicly for  all the sacrifices she made  for me, all the sleepless nights when she cared for me as a child and as an adult, or stayed up to listen to me and advise me, reminded me of the greater good in everything.

I am a firm believer that, all special moms have an even more special mom who made them become what they are today.

God bless you all. Happy Mother’s Day!


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