Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | May 31, 2012

“The Book” about Lost words

As you all remember my daughter wrote a poem about her little brother a few years back. (

Anaya from Greenbird publishing found her little poem, and decided to publish it to make awareness about Autism amongst Muslims. She decided that this project will be in two-phase. The first part will include the poem and shows autism from a sibling point of view, and the other will reveal how families deal with autism. A very interesting and very wise approach, that can benefit many.

Her tireless work finally paid off, and it’s  my privilege to announce that the book is finally published. I encourage all my readers to  spread the word and share the link below. Our aim is to make awareness about autism, and all proceedings from this book will goes to an autism charity.

Anaya worked very hard to publish this book, and she is donating every penny toward  a good cause. Please help us to make awareness about autism in our community, and help to make non-Muslims understand how we feel and believe in our religion about autism. Our belief is beautiful and it would be such a shame not to show it to the world.

I want to thank Anaya for her exceptional work, and all team members who had contributed to this great cause.

So, I invite you to this journey to see , explore and help to make a difference.



  1. I think that the “Lost Words” is a great book and you are a great person,
    raising your daughter like that. May Allah bless you, your son and daughter are strong great people and you are the perfect mother for them. May Allah bless you for you kindness aiming to autism. Ameen!

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