Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | June 23, 2012

Family Matters: Understanding a child with sensory processing disorder

Many of us have to deal with multiple issues with our ASD kids. Some problems are minor, but needs to be addressed, and some can be very problematic, and it can hinder the child’s progress academically , socially and in every aspect of their lives.

Sensory processing problems are one of those difficulties that we have to address, work on to lessen, or diminish its effect.

I heard different opinions about sensory processing disorder. There are people who say it is not important to address it promptly, the child needs to get used to  things that makes them uncomfortable, or they need to tolerate it. That is one opinion that I never followed. Some say it never gets better, and it always gets worse, these are the pessimists, that I never pay too much attention to either.

There are parents, professionals, and kind guardians who do believe addressing sensory issues, and they also believe that if it is addressed properly the child can learn to tolerate it, or even  prevent it.

Sensory processing was not an issue for my son for a long time, until a few years back when he got those serious health problems. We are still in a phase that we have to be very resourceful to accommodate him with his needs. It gets challenging at times, but we reached the point that we can prevent many problems before they even occur.

The number one thing for us was to have all members of family acknowledge that there is a sensory problem, and he is not misbehaving. This can be difficult sometimes due to cultural backgrounds, and parenting differences. After mutual understanding we need to make a plan how we can combat this problem. OT can be a very valuable resource for this disorder. Once you figured out what to do and when, how to prevent or lessen the problems, dealing with sensory processing disorder can be a less of a hassle for the child and the caretaker. Many times the parents and educators see a big improvement in attendance, focus, and increased academic achievement, when sensory matters are addressed properly.

SPD is a real concern for many ASD , neuro typical kids, and adults as well. It should not be ignored, or assumed it will go away, it needs to be addressed.

Below find a link to an interesting article about  SPD along with ideas and a link to a website where more can be learned.

Family Matters: Understanding a child with sensory processing disorder.

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