Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | June 25, 2012

Hurricane Video for Families with Special Needs

A dear mom with a special needs child sent me a link about preparedness for weather related disaster, and I wanted to share the clip with you all.

Preparing for any kind of disaster is very important for all families, but when it comes to special needs  individuals, the task can create a bit more challenges. It really doesn’t matter what disaster you are  making arrangement for, the principle of all preparation are the same. You might need small modification for different events, but the basic needs and wants are usually the same.,

We must think of the preparations and have solid plans. I used plural term since we never know if one might fail or won’t work, we have to have another plan or plans to fall back on to.

I used to live in a hurricane zone, and when we did not have hurricane we had tornado. So the disaster plan I had created for my family had to be a year around plan. Once you are ready to set up your plan you must consider every aspect of life, and try to incorporate it into your plan. It takes time, but it will benefit the family, and in time of needs (which I hope it will never happens to you, or me) it is easier to follow  a set up directions, instead of thinking of one.

So I thank Kim Dixon for sharing this valuable clip with us, and if you want to know more about her mission you should all check out her blog

Noah Knows .

Click  here for the video clip that she shared with us about preparing for weather related disaster.

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