Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | July 3, 2012

Mom… tell me what I did wrong: Autism and Social Development

One of the hardest challenge for ASD kids is to develop social skills.   They have a difficult time to read emotions, body language,and understand social cue. It takes time, patients, and several outings in different settings to get the concept of acceptable behaviors. This may also being hindered by many sensory issues, as well as language barriers too. The best thing parents can do for the child is to take them out into the world, so the child can experience different things, and be more tolerant. Also, showing or reading social stories can help the child with autism understand some of the social skills, but social stories by itself will not develop adequate  level of skills. They need to hear and experience life, and they need to interact with others.

It is very beneficial when a parent/caretaker discuss the event afterward too. You may point out all the positive that occurred, praise the child and allow them to talk about their success and difficulties.

The article below show  the struggle and emotion of a parent of an ASD child. It should be a reminder of all of us to help a child who seem to struggle a bit to fit in, and create invitations and events where children with ASD can learn more social skills without pressure, or other discomfort. I can fully understand the writer of this post, and as I was reading it it I could not help but thinking of my son. We all want our kids to feel happy, confident, but sometimes it may not be so easy. But again, we must understand that we may see more to this than it is there …  I know many typical children who are also struggling with social skills, I guess it is a bit of a problem with society now days. My advise to all parents and myself too we need to relax and do the best we can, and never give up hope.

Mom… tell me what I did wrong: Autism and Social Development.


  1. ASAK. Thanks for posting this article in the the hyperlink. I naturally focus on the negative and I need to mentally rethink my position justifying…in terms of Surah Rahman’s repetitive verse, “Then, which of the favors of your Lord will ye Deny?” I also visit sick Muslims in nursing homes and volunteer at a hospital. That has helped me a lot as well to change my negative outlook to a more grateful one. Once I was more grateful for what she did right, I could convey that to my daughter and praise Allah for every milestone that she did pass! By relaxing myself on being critical in social skills, hope was born for the future and believing “Tawwakul Allah”. Trust in God. She has so much more confidence now than my typical child, Mashallah! Social skills are still very much a work in progress, but it’s not as much as a drainer as before.

    • It is so nice to hear success stories. I am sure that the way you achieved so much with your child the rest of the issues will be taken care of as well. My advice be always proactive. i live in a society now where there is very little tolerance toward special need children. (its a muslim country unfortunately) No social skills development since we been here and my son was going backward instead of forward. I met up some local sisters here and with their help we starting a social group. It is not an easy task to start and to maintain, but once you are in the motion of doing it things starting to fall into place. We have the typical siblings coming to the meetings so the kids will have role models to follow as well. It will be great later on. Maybe you can start something like that. Start out small and built on it later.
      Good luck to you may Allah bless you for all that you do for your child..ameen

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