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The Book ” Hope For The Violently Aggressive Child”

Dr Ankenman was kind enough to ask me to review his work, where he writes about his treatment approach regards to use of  adrenal-acting medicine vs. commonly prescribed psychiatric drugs. I firmly believe that  parents/caretakers who cares for induviduals with ASD, or other mental illness, will benefit reading about this option, since many of them have to address violent behaviors almost daily or at one point of time in their lives.

Considering the severe side effects of many psychotropic medicines which causes permanent damage in our children, adolescents and adults with ASD and mental illnesses,Dr. Ankenman’s approach can give us hope for alternative approach to tackle this very difficult behavior, like meltdowns and violent  outbursts.

Dr. Ralph Ankenman has treated hundreds of patients with violent and aggressive behavior problems. Over time, he discovered that adrenaline-acting medicines provided many patients with safer and more effective treatment than the commonly prescribed psychiatric drugs. Dr. Ankenman spent over twenty years as Director of the Special Psychiatric Unit at Madison County Hospital in London, Ohio……

Dr. Ralph Ankenman MD of 50+ yrs. Published IASO treatment for meltdowns & violence in autism, bipolar.

Prevent meltdowns, violence

Immature Adrenaline Systems Over-reactivity (IASO) is a new diagnoses and treatment option for severe meltdowns, violence, and aggression. Such behaviors are often misdiagnosed. Standard treatment options often do not fully resolve these behaviors and lead to unnecessary side effects. 


Dr. Ralph Ankenman has developed methods that stop episodes of violence and aggression in many patients. His successful approach recognizes the relationship between the body’s two adrenaline systems and aggression.

He has successfully treated patients with no mental health diagnosis, with autism, with bipolar disorder, and with developmental disabilities.

To learn more, read pages on the menu at the right.


The book Hope for the Aggressively Violent Childexplains how violent and aggressive behaviors are often attributable to survival instincts and reflexes naturally built into all humans. Instincts are not a mental illness. Unfortunately for some, their physiology makes them more susceptible or prone to having adrenaline-based overreactions. These overreactions are often mistakenly associated with autism, bipolar, etc.

When severe, this is Immature Adrenaline Systems Overreactivity (IASO). IASO has simple patterns which can be identified without a lot of testing or exams. IASO can usually be identified with a brief questionnaire which is on this site. 


Psychotropic medications given for such behaviors are risky, expensive, often ineffective and can cause new problems. The treatment approach shared by Dr Ankenman in his book involve less risky, less costly and more effective treatments.


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  2. As a mother of an autistic child with PANDAS who prone to anxiety, aggression and violent rages, I can assure this approach is very effective. It is saving my son’s life. He hated school because he could not control his anxiety and the sensory overloads, and much of that triggered escalations and meltdowns in which others were hurt or property was often damaged. He was always irritable, moody and on edge, he would fall asleep in exhaustion after meltdowns, and we were afraid to leave him with anyone and that he would one day seriously harm someone. His heart would pound wildly during these rages. After reading Dr. Ankeman’s website about IASO and talking with parents of other kids with similar issues that had luck with propanolol, we decided to give it a try. The results were immediate. No more rages and the anxiety is pretty much gone. He transitions easier and seems more happy and sociable most days, and completes tasks easier. We have not had any bad side effects and his energy levels are much better these days. It can be hard to find a doctor open to this approach. We were lucky to find a psychiatrist who treats autistic kids and was willing to give it a try. I recommend having a copy of the book and an idea of appropriate dosing for your child’s weight (pharmacists can help), if you are going to discuss this approach with your doctor. I had gotten dosaging amounts for my son from other parents (who’s kids were using it) ahead of time, so it was much easier for our doctor.

    • Thank you for sharing this with us. it is always good to hear from a family who had success implementing certain therapies.

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