Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | August 20, 2012

Advice for Educating Autistic Kids by Temple Grandin

I always wondered what is the best approach for my child to learn. I believed that if I encourage his interest and then incorporate the other type of academics will help him to succeed in the future. I always had to make sure that Amin will not get bored. He does get frustrated and bored with some of the work he has to do, and I make sure that he was always compensated  doing those assignments with other more engaging tasks. This is why I loved his old school, Intervention Unlimited where the teachers set up his program to compliment his strength and help his weaknesses. they were not rigid about his grade level, and they were flexible and accommodating while he got a high level of education.

Sadly most public schools can not be so accommodating regarding educating special need children, they are following rigid rules that makes education a burden for kids with autism.

I am so glad that Temple Grandin who is so well-known in the autism community stepped froward to share her valuable advice regarding teaching ASD kids. Her advice is something that we all should take seriously, because every point is being made in this article  that can be  implemented very easily in the autistic kid’s educational plan. This advice can enable children with autism to learn in a best possible way and achieve higher level of education, as well as to become more functional later in their lives. I urge everyone to please read this article, and try to implement as much as possible, so the children can benefit from this approach.

See the link below for the full article.



  1. As school begins again…I will try again to fight for a schedule that builds my daughters’ strengths instead of just focusing on the deficits. Abilites are going to make her be independent one day…and even possibly compensate her disabilities Inshallah. It is really important to build on the fixations and talents. Thanks for sharing the Temple Grandin article.

    • I agree, and no one knows her strengths better than you and you must advocate for her.

  2. assalamu alaykum sis,

    do you use ABA/VB? That’s the best approach mashaAllah

    • WS

      I agree with you it is the best approach, and my son gained a lot from this approach. Thank you for your advice and comment.

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