Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | September 16, 2012

Social Club for ASD kids

I wanted to apologize not writing for a while, but I was busy  with a new project, besides I had to be out-of-town as well.

As you all know from my previous complaints, that the place I am at does not have any adequate school or activities for my son. I had to take matters into my hands so I can help him socially.

I got his education under control with the help of his old school and teachers, but socially he was very deprived.

I met some mothers here who have ASD kids in a different level in the spectrum, and they all had the same complaint,”there is nothing to do here for these kids”. Going to the mall gets old, and since they do not have family bathrooms available there or anywhere here, older kids can not go to the different gender bathrooms with their mom, therefore the outings are limited.

Well, we struck gold. One of the moms who has been trying to create something for her son  was able to make a deal with one of the Montessori school to rent a classroom for a few days of the week.

We meet 4 times a week on the afternoon, and the time is filled with educational activities gearing toward social interaction. We are able to use all Montessori equipment, playground and the pool ,

We started this past week, and had 4 days already. Our biggest fear was that the children will not wanting to go, since they got used to being home all these time. Well our fears proved to be wrong, but we are facing other difficulties… they do not want to leave the program.

All of us knew that our kids craving to be amongst others, and to have constructive educational fun time, but nothing could prepare us  for what we are experiencing now.

They are cooperative, happy, eager to attend and do the activities. To be honest, many times I have to hold back tears (these are happy tears) while I see them feeling comfortable and happy.

I hope this will continue in a positive note for a long time,  and many will be benefiting from this program.

We plan to expand this program with webinars included for the parents later on, once we all got used to the routines, and be able to spare time away from kids to learn something beneficial.

I am happy to announce this to you all, since I feel close to all my special readers who had been there for me to support me in so many ways.



  1. Asalamu Alakuim Sister and JazakAllah Khairun, this is a wonderful concept, and this has given me the idea, that as we can’t come and join your social club, why not open one here in Cardiff for the muslim children with ASD. My son craves to engage in social activities with children of his age, there are after school clubs here but as I have mentioned before I am looking to teach my son Islamic awareness and about being a muslim. There isn’t much help in this area, and as much as I do at home with him, I have realised he would benefit from being with other children doing the same activities. I went to visit my family in England, and my son had a wonderful time with my nephews and nieces, his confidence levels soared and he was very happy, the thing here was that he was accepted by all his cousins and family, and he learnt about new relationships, and got to know his grandparents, aunties and uncles. wheras in Cardiff we dont have family and he cant play with the children in the neighborhood due to bullying and also he is not aware of danger and road safety. Therefore it sounds like a brilliant idea to have a little group of our own. Good luck with your club, and May Allah reward your efforts and good work, I absolutley look forward to your emails and posts, it gives me new confidence every time I read your posts. Best wishes and I wish I could come and give you a big hug, but still here’s a big hug from me, we may be far but we are connected by Allah Allmighty.

    • ws Zarina,

      Thank you so much for your kind words, it means so much to us. WE are glad to see that this idea sparked an interest, maybe a follow in another country. I think it is a great gift when a person takes charge of their own lives as well as the children’s life. We can go and complain about no resources, but if we do not do anything about it nothing will change. Please start your group and let us know how it goes, we can exchange ideas as well.
      Good luck to you, May Allah bless you for all that you do for your child and for other kids as well..ameen 🙂

  2. assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

    mashallah sis, those are great news! May Allah put lots of barakah in this Club!

    • ws

      Thank you for your comment.It is truly a blessing to have these children to go have fun, and do constructive things without being judged, or enduring looks.

  3. SalamuAlykoum,
    It’s a lovely idea! I would love to join your club if it’s not to far from where Iive ( Disney Area).
    My son enjoys playing with kids all ages but due to his hyperactivity, kids and parents think that’s lack of good manners!!
    With therapies hamdoullah it got lot better, and he’s learning how to play with other kids.
    Question: are Aspies welcome to the club?
    Thanks bunch for all you doing for your son and the other kids!
    Allah bless you, and bless our kids!

    • Mia, About camel milk,. My son is taking it regularly and it has been very beneficial. You can get camel milk now in the USA look up dr Hinkley on Google s you can read about her she is in N> Carolina they been supplying camel milk to the parents for years now. Talk to her on the phone sometimes she comes to FL ad you can hae an appt with her as well. If you can not find her on Google let me know and I will send you all her info. let me know how it went.

      Also, the club we started is not in FL, but if I ever go back there I will want to meet you for sure.

  4. Hi I live in an area in england with one of the highest levels of autism in the uk we have lots of so called facilities and professionals but nothing in the way of treatment facilities , I was told after diagnosis that there is no cure , no way forward which I found pretty depressing , reading about your lack of even a social interaction group has made me feel even more strongly that we need as mothers to help our children ourselves and take treatment , therapies, and our children’s social needs into our own capable hands thanks you are an inspiration and your strength shines through I believe God in his infinite wisdom has blessed me with my autistic son he is a constant joy and has made a very real recovery from servere autism to a very happy well behaved humorous clever little boy he is still autistic but is improving so very much you would hardly notice , I was told there was no cure and treated like I was totally crazy, there simply is not enough self help information on how to home treat and alleviate symptoms and traits of autism the medical health care professionals simply don’t entertain or even believe that we as mothers are capable m keep your faith in God explore every avenue and source that he leads you to, myself and my husband are in the process of setting up a treatment centre where mums can come free of charge for information and education on how to treat and self help their autistic child , please feel free to email me on I really want to hear from other mums as I believe the only real support we can give or receive is from other mums with a window into our world ? Peace be apon you .

    • Joann ,
      Thank you for the comment. I think what you and your husband is doing absolutely great. If you want to write about it and you want to hear from other parents I invite you to send me an article, and I will post it onto my blog. Inviting autism parents to contact you or publicly post their questions, experiences trials and success. I think this way you can reach many parents from all parts of the world.
      Looking forward to be in contact with you and exchanging info with you as well.

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