Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | October 31, 2012

Social Media, Online Health Communities

November is a National Health Blog Post Month. The rule is to blog every single day about the issues you are interested of, or the cause you fighting for. I received several prompts to write my articles, and today’s choice is social media and online health communities.

As many of you know my son has autism, and I search and look for anything and everything to make his life , my life and my NT daughter’s life better, more functional.  Social media had been a great tool in my search, and I use it every single day. To be able to find answers to my questions I use the internet, sign up for different health community groups. This enabled me to meet parents, professionals that they have the same interest,  similar questions, or they on the same journey as I am. Being in involved with an online  health groups can benefit a person, but misusing it can result in confusion as well.

Online health groups helped me to see that I am not alone with my struggle, which deep in my heart I knew, but never seen it in reality. Often times I broke down feeling helpless and hopeless, and felt guilty doing so in my own private time in a middle of the night. I felt weak, and did not know how to concur my fears I had about my kids future.  Slowly getting involved these groups helped me understand, that we do not just exchange therapy experiences, different medical intervention success and failures, but we can express our deep feelings that we had never been able to do so. This realization showed me that I am not alone, I am not the only one thinking about issues now , in the past or into the future, but these feelings concerns are real for everyone. It truly has a therapeutic effect on my heart and soul.

Furthermore, health-groups share experiences that one might not be able to come across from other resources, like your doctor’s office. Often times  my son’s pediatrician was just standing there shaking her head trying to look on top of the problems, but we all knew she was clueless. Submitting a question to one of those groups ensured me that I will get some sort of answers from many of the members from all parts of the country and world. Pretty amazing! These online communities actually helped me to make my whole family life better in many ways.

Social media like FB , and Twitter (those two I am using currently) connected me with people  with similar interest and struggle. Our mission involves the same cause, and meeting awesome selfless people online through these sources are nothing short of a miracle. I honestly think Social media and online health groups really benefit  most of us if we are using it the right way.

These resources allow humanity to make the world and its people better, to reach out to those who are too shy, afraid, or even embarrassed  to ask question in person, but able to do so from their computer. Once we have a tool in our hands where people  can not put a face to the name, some may have enough courage to express their thoughts freely and get help from strangers. As weird as it sounds, it does good to the heart and soul to use social media and online health groups in a proper way as it is intended, and seeing positive results surely confirms its benefits.

The key here is, use it in a proper way, with caution and do not solely rely on one source only.


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