Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 4, 2012

The things I carry in my Bag Day #4 at NHBPM

When I saw this prompt with my daughter she immediately told me I have to chose this one to write about.

I been carrying this old blue back pack that everyone knows me with for many years. Probably after I got rid of diaper bags, I started using this back pack. It is part of me and my kids life in more ways that I can say.

Its been everywhere with us, its been scanned more than many people had been, searched countless times, and helped me to get through difficult moments. I always say my life is in that back pack, and I mean that literally. People lift it, and asking me “what do you put in here, why is it so heavy?” To be honest lately is not as heavy as it used to be, because I replaced the laptop with an I pad, which resulted in a dramatic weight change for my benefit.

So, as I said we have an I pad, or a tablet in there (sometimes both) for the kids entertainment. Sometimes I have an extra old I phone there with many apps, those days are even lighter on my shoulders.

I carry change of clothes for both kids, and sometimes I am thinking I should have one set in there for me  too, but then again there is not enough room.

I have to carry some light healthy snacks for sure, because life happens too often, and I do not want to end up in McDonalds to satisfy their hunger. We have some nuts and dried fruit packed, with some crackers and cereal. I have sometimes a sandwich put in there when I know we will be too busy to get home for a proper meal. Than the 3 bottles of water, sometimes more ,it depends on the season. Those bottles are heavy .

These are usually in a main compartment.  Now moving toward the smaller compartment, I have my emergency kit, with band-aids, Triple antibiotic  ointment, wound wash, Kerlex, Liquid band-aid.Than I have a tube of Cortisone, because my son gets bitten by everything. If there is a mosquito in a 10 mile range they will find him and bite him. If its not mosquitoes, than my son will find ant hills to destroy, which will result in several bites from the defending little bugs. Cortisone helped a lot to alleviate much of the itching from all the bugs. I have another ointment that called “sting” it is in that bag as well to alternate with Cortisone.

In my medicine packet, I carry more of the trouble shooting items. Got some Motrin, Tylenol, Benadryl strips, I have to have liquid Prednisolone for my son’s asthma, ( he is using it only for emergencies),Some of the supplements they take in different times of the day, so when we are out they do not miss taking it.

The smaller compartment I have a drawing pad and pencil for my daughter. A little brush in case we all have to be  presentable somewhere. Got some hand sanitizer, wipes, Kleenx,  Packed some hair ties for me and my daughter as well. Tooth brush for all of us and tooth paste.

I have the Ipad and my phone charger in whatever packet I have room left. My back pack goes wherever we go, I do not leave home without it, and if I accidentally do, I always regret it. It is part of me and usually if I am in a need of something I find it in there. I never take anything out permanently, unless I can replace it immediately. The load had decreased  much more in recent years, but still carrying  enough pounds on my shoulder.

In my purse I am a bit lighter, but still have enough there to make some wonder. I carry dental floss and hand-sanitizer, my Motrin which I have to use more often than I like to. I have Kleenex there and a small pack of wipes. I have my little book with all the phone numbers in hard copy. I learned a hard way to keep those after I lost my phone and consequently lost all the numbers. With cell phones smart phones kind of got lazy, and did not even memorized anyone’s number.  I carry some gum, or Tic Tac there too. Note pad and pen to write important things done.

It might seem extreme what I carry in both of my bags, but there are others with more stuff in their bags out there. It serves my purpose in many ways, so I continue  carrying my blue backpack.


  1. I noticed you mentioned you keep an iPad. How beneficial is an iPad for an Autistic child? And what applications are available to help one’s child, rather than them watching Thomas the Tank Engine all day!

    • I pAd and I phone is bee very beneficial for my son. They have many autism apps, and I just picked the ones I knew he will be interested. In the beginning i stay with him teach him how to use the program, and after a while he can do the tasks on his own, but i do supervise, so he won’t get obsessed with certain things.I use I pad as a reinforcer too, they do their work on it, and i have movies downloaded, so once they successfully finished their work they can watch part of the movie, than do work again and so on. Hope this helps.

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