Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 5, 2012

Things That I am Thankful for …Day# 5 NHBPM

It can be easy to look at all the negatives while caring for a special need child. Day after day tackling new problems, or old issues that will not improve, or just get worse. That would be one way to make ones life a living hell.

Fortunately we  have so much to be thankful for too.  There are so many  accomplishments in our lives that we can be very proud of. I realized, once I start counting them, there are very little room left for all the negative stuff. It is very hard to pick 3  of these important points, because I really don’t know which has more impact in our lives. They all make our lives better, happier, and gives us hope. So I randomly picked the three I will list, but it does not mean all the others  are less significant.

#1. True Friends. We are human beings, and seeking to be around others, we are social creatures most of the time. Family and friendship plays an important role in our lives. When my son was diagnosed with autism I was devastated, and turned to my friends for support. Sadly I realized that despite the number of people around me, I had only a few  who were my friends. This event made me realize who are true, and who are the fake ones in my life. Now I have only handful of true friends, but I know they are there for me and my children if we need them. The lasting supportive friendship I am very thankful for, and seeing the others true colors makes me feel blessed as well. Knowing who I can depend on is priceless.

#2. Physical health. Caring for  a special need child, in this case an autistic kid requires a lot of patience and strength. I am very thankful for my health, and my son’s and daughter good physical well-being. I had seen others struggling with autism and many different health issues. We have our shares in sickness, nothing compare to others, that is life and death situations. Just knowing that I have to concentrate on only a few  issues makes my life a whole lot easier.

#3. A supportive, caring typical sibling of my ASD son. This one is a very cherished part of our life. My typical daughter  loves her brother dearly. She learned quickly how to deal with him, she enjoys playing with him , cares for him and helping more ways than any other adults ever helped me. She knows almost as much about his condition as I am, and she is only 15 months older than him. She had to grow up fast, and she pitched in to care for him in early ages. She even wrote a little book about him when she was barely 9 years old, and decided to donate all proceedings to autism awareness.  She is probably a biggest advocate of my son next to me.

The reason I  nominated to write about this, because I seen many siblings who do not like their autistic brothers or sister, who are shamed of their behavior. My daughter understands, and when she makes friends she tells her friends about her brother. She is smart, she really getting some pretty nice friends lately, who are tolerant,  and caring.

“Count your blessings not your troubles”, this is a true statement. Every family has their own problems to deal with, rather it is small in our eyes or big, everyone have to deal with something at one time or another. If we get so wrapped up with the troubles we experiencing, we will never see the blessings. We all have bad days, and reflect on our complicated lives, but the true life-skill is to be able to look beyond those obstacles and see the silver lining.

As hard my life seem to be most of the time , I can easily say I have more blessing in my life than difficulty.



  1. I am really touched by your writings and your feelings. May Allah ease your journey, give your son health and heal him. You are absolutely right in saying that you can easily see who is your true friend and who are only the faces. Having true friends is a great blessing and not everyone has them. And troubles, no one is without them, it’s just that the nature of troubles is different. We should try to look for everything that Allah has blessed us with. This life is not an eternal life, it will end soon. The next life will remain. Allah Almighty will reward those who live this life patience and courage and look up to Him for help.

    You are lucky to have such a lovely daughter who is there for his brother, at least you should not be worried about his future after you as he has a loving and caring sister.

    My prayers are for you all.

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