Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 8, 2012

Letter to Autism Day #8 NHBPM

Dear Autism,

Although you were not invited into my family, you still came and stayed. I have to admit, I am not a big fan of uninvited guests, but you taught me patience and being persistent, so I will be working extra hard with these refined skills to make you go away forever.

You snatched my perfectly healthy well developing toddler away from me in one day. This despicable act is just cruel, inconsiderate and inhuman. It really hurts to the core of my body.

You stole his identity, and now he is labeled. You stole his speech, and now he can not express his needs and wants. Heck, he can not even ask for help. Does that make you proud, that this little boy can not ask his mom for assistance? Do you feel superior now that he can not make friends, that he is unable to act in a socially acceptable way?  Your arrogance in delaying him in his academic achievements, making it almost impossible to be around people without them ridiculing his actions. Your reckless pretense caused him many hardships in his short life, but I still do not see any remorse from you.

I tried to barter with you for years, offered my entire body and soul to you to take and leave my son alone, but you rejected it. Instead, you went after him even more, full force with all your might, causing not just cognitive delays, but major health crises. And that was a turning point for me to see that giving in to you will never work. I realized that all those stolen dreams I had for my son will come back if I stand up and fight much harder. I am not changing my dreams for him, nor lessening my expectations, I keep everything as I always imagined, and I will claim every bit of it back from you one at a time.

We are already declaring small victories every single day. We got some words back, we got some independence back, and academic achievements are skyrocketing. He is one smart little boy. He shows affection again, gives hugs and expects hugs and kisses.

We have much more to take back from you, and we will be getting more than we ever envisioned.

You see you picked the wrong person to mess with, my kids are my life, and when someone is hurting them, this calm mommy becomes a furious warrior, who can not be stopped by anything or anyone, not even you, AUTISM.

So watch your back, and pack your bag, you over stayed your’ welcome in my house, and it is time for me to kick you to the curb. This is not a threat, it is a promise.


Warrior Mom



  1. very well said, great post.

  2. I have tears in my eyes, but a big smile on my face- and I’m not going to go all emotional here, that’s besides the point- I’m proud of you and yours for rising above these limitations and labels society has introduced. Congratulations you are a warrior, you are Amin and Saffiyah’s hero, every other ASD being out there, and my inspiration! I have told you through out the way.

    • no you make me cry….. thanks we are all in it together. I think yu would not be able to lift Amin anymore without some serious back pain 🙂 he is getting big and improving by the day alhamdulillah MA

  3. Yes ! You are absolutely right. There is no room for autism in our childrens life, by reading your post I got tears in my eyes , its like you spoke my words.

    • thanks, it is many parent’s word unfortunately. God Willing we will turn things around for these kids.

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