Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 10, 2012

How Much is too Much in Face Book ? Day #10NHBPM

Face Book is an awesome way to connect with friends, family, and find people with the same interest as us. It has many valuable features, many possibilities to get beneficial news and information, but it can have some negative effects as well.

If you think I am here to bash or glorify FB , you are reading a wrong post. I will just simply write using the 10th prompt I chose today. The prompt said “should people post about their loved ones health on FB? Why, and why not?”

This is  an easy straightforward question, and depending on one’s personality , the answer changes. I have a FB, I post a lot of stuff about me and my kids, my neighbors , my friends and parents. But, there is a fine line I do not cross.

Some people post everything about their lives, and everyone else around them. I could compile all their information and write their biography. Some people using FB to get knowledge, or want to belong to a certain group that they have interest in. Others more reserved, and put up just a bit of information about themselves and their family. I think it depends on your needs and nature , and how alarmed one maybe about completely exposing themselves to others.

I have a FB, and I put up health information about myself and my children. Nothing too detailed, but detailed enough if anyone has any opinion they would comment. Social media had become our  primary source of information. It is truly amazing how we can connect with people all over the world, exchange our knowledge about issues, and to be able to pick and chose what direction we want to go.I received valuable advice, links that fit my purpose and answered many of my questions. I was able to connect to people who can potentially help me, or faced same or similar hardship that I was facing.  Posting about one’s health on FB is not a problem. The complication occurs only when someone presents it with too much personal details. We have to remember there are many people out there who preys on vulnerable people, and takes advantage of others  distress.

Also, we have to remember that once we put things on FB it becomes a public information, so maybe your family members will not appreciate dishing out their health problems, or they do not approve that your life is an open book to strangers.

Showing too much about our privacy can make us more defenseless, and add more to our problems.

Moderation is the key to everything, and that surely includes information put up on FB.




  1. great day 10 blog! I lpove your graphic today too.

  2. salaam sister,
    nice post about putting information on FB, agree there, we have to be very careful about giving out personal information to the public. That is why I dont ever put any personal information or health details on there ever, as it is so public and I always have privacy settings on so only a few close friends and family have access to it. It is always good to have good knowledge about FB and other social networks one uses. we have to keep our children safe at all times especially as they are vunerable. There are a few websites where parents come together to ask questions about health issues, Autism Sparks is one and another one is Treating Autism.

    • Thank you Zarina for your comment. You always make sure to give your experience so we can all learn from it. 🙂

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