Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 11, 2012

A Walk in a Park Day #11NHBPM

Today I chose a prompt “Write about a favorite thing that not health related but likely improve your life.” Day #11

We are  so busy with special education, therapies and doctor’s appointments, that sometimes by the time the day ends I am stressed to the max and so are the kids. At night I used to just stared at the ceiling and could not fall asleep.

So we decided to walk to the park every night. We’ve been walking for many years now, and enjoy it very much. Rain or shine we put our walking shoes on and go, dark or light it doesn’t matter as long as we get our daily dose of  strolling ,we are happy.

It improved our lives a great deal, not because of the exercise, but it serves for all three of us as a stress relief. We discuss our challenges and happiness during our night stroll, vent about what’s bothering us ,what are the great things that happened to us in that given day. By the time we get home, our heads were cleared from every bit of stress, and we enjoyed the rest of the night together.

During our walks  we meet our neighbors, and have small talk with them. Many times they asked me about my son and autism, and  I made sure that they get answers to all their questions about autism. It was interesting how many people know or have an ASD kid in their family, but as they confessed no one really talking about issues regarding autism. Every place we lived  they knew about my son’s condition and they seemed to understand most of the concerns we were dealing with. I did not realize this until I had to call 911 for my son one time , and he was hospitalized, and kept in ICU. Many of my neighbors either came to visit us in the hospital, or left note for us at the door expressing how much they miss us, and how much they are praying for his speedy recovery, and all of them were offering help as well. It was very touching, and it was a great feeling to know they care about us. Without our nightly walks, we would have never get to know our neighbors.

Just to be able to connect with our neighbors  helped us a great deal, we were not judged (at least we did not know about it), we were able to communicate within the family in a pleasant circumstance, and we even got some exercise.

The decision to walk every night  had greatly improved our lives in every possible way, and after 8 years , we are still walking.

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