Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 12, 2012

The Ridiculous Drug- Pusher Day # 12 NHBPM

Its day 12 with NHBPM challenge. I chose the  prompt “Call BS on something, what’s something that is just ridiculous.”

Believe me there are many BS moments in my life, thanks to some  of the ridiculous people I come across with. I really can not see anything stand out, because they are all unique in their own ways. I chose this one, because it is health related, and I know others had experienced the same  situations, and they were intimidated by the circumstances as I was. So here is this ridiculous story happened to us, which is somewhat an experience we can learn from too.

My son has autism as many of you know,  with autism comes  countless doctor’s appointments.  For him especially needed, since he had those sudden death experiences X3 . We see the neurologist twice /year. Unfortunately his doctor moved out of the area and we got  another doctor. We were lucky to have his previous neurologist, because he always listened to me and my concerns, and never imposed  drugs on him, and understood that we are trying to correct certain behaviors with ABA.

Well our new doctor was a drug pusher which I already find ridiculous when the child does not have major issues. It is just a standard for her that all ASD kids needs to be on Risperdal. Being in the medical field, and around autism community, I was very aware of this drug and its severe side-effects. When I raised concerns about it she told me that “your son is growing up and he seems like he will be a big boy, strong and you do not want to take a chance.” I asked ” chance of what? He is not aggressive, doesn’t hurt anyone or himself, why he needs this drug? I do not want him to suffer from the side-effects, he has enough problems as it is.”

Her answer was… “All my patients with any developmental disabilities are on this medicine , and your son is not an exception. ” Than she brought up a news story that was just going around, how a mother was jailed in another state because she did not give her daughter the ADHD medicine .

When I told her that this has no relevance what so ever to my son’s situation, she told me that she has the power to have my child removed from my care if I do not obey and follow through what she is ordering. Now that is a BS, but seeing her determination I realized a call to my friend’s dad, who is an attorney will remedy this absurd attitude of hers. While she was outside of the room I called her, and her dad happened to be there with her, and gave me a very valuable information as well as what to say to the doctor word by word.  Needless to say, when she returned to the room  with her utterly arrogance, I was able to speak to her with knowledge and confidence, and she actually backed off of her drug pushing. Still, I got the prescription for him and lab orders in case I change my mind about harming my son with that poison she is advocating so strongly.

This story might not fall into a BS or ridiculous category in one’s eyes, but for me it was both. There are many funny, bizarre stories we experienced and just laugh it off, but I chose this one because it is valuable for others to see and not to be intimidated if it is happening to them.

What is so disturbing about this unbelievable  behavior of the neurologist, that she has so many patients and not too many parents/caretaker stand up for their rights and tell her to take her BS somewhere else. Rest assure I did just that, and used exactly those words, and a few months down the road a study came out regards to this very medicine where they warn people and physicians about the serious side-effects.

So I found it ridiculous that a person using their position to bully others, to intimidate them and impose unnecessary medical treatment with severe consequences.


  1. Salaam sister, JazakAllah for the useful information, this will make many parents more cautious about these situations and how to react when face with such situations. There are treatments and therapies available besides drugs, which we should seek.

  2. I am appalled by the level of intimidation. As if you would go to jail for something like that. Good going on standing your ground. Parents need to stand up for their kids! Blessings to you and your family.

    • Rachel, parents loose their kids or go to jail for not administering certain meds that the doctor prescribe. Sometimes I feel like I have no rights with my kids. that is why I always encourage all parents to find a good doctor that they can reason with always. It is a sad reality but very true reality.

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