Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 13, 2012

Best Doctor’s Appointment Day # 13 NHBPM

Day# 13, and I decided today to use one of the bonus prompts.

I had many doctor’s appointments for my son unfortunately, and overall we had  a good experience, but it was always something stressful about it.

After my son’s hospitalization we were referred to a pediatrician close to our home. That was already a bonus point, not to drive too far with him in his condition. Once they found out that we just got home from ICU the day before, they were able to take us in within minutes. Now how can anyone complain about that? The doctor was very nice and wanted to know everything about my son. She actually sat down in the room with us, asked numerous questions, examined him , and she was extremely patient with him as he was not cooperating too much. She did not just ask about his medical condition, but asked about his autism, what are the concerns, what are the therapies he is getting. When I told her that he is not getting any therapy at that point, she immediately wrote an order for speech, OT and PT to be started ASAP. That was just unexpected, since all our previous encounter with other doctors resulted in no orders for such therapies.

Than she explained that she needs to order other lab tests so she can see the whole picture about his health. While she is talking to me she sat him on her lap, rubbed his back, made him feel very comfortable. Amin felt very comfortable sitting on her lap and being spoiled in every way.  Oh yes, she even had a lollipop in her pocket, which Amin explored very extensively, and emptied out all the goodies.

The report from the hospital was not very favorable, but she took time to explain all the possibilities. We spent over an hour in the room with the pediatrician. This never happened to us before, and believe me Amin had many medical problems previously. No one ever took the time to ask me questions, or be patient to completely examine my son. They usually give up very quickly when he started to get fussy. It was refreshing to know that someone looked at my son as a child who needs help and medical attention regardless of his autism, and it was certainly refreshing to know that my concerns were heard and addressed.

Many times the nurse came in to tell the doctor that others been waiting for a while, but she did not leave us until she was satisfied with all the answers and ordered all the necessary tests and therapies.

After all these years finally my son was very well taken care of. We did not want to switch pediatrician, but in the hospital the ICU physician insisted on seeing this doctor, and I will be forever grateful to him for being so persistent about it.

She was my son’s pediatrician for many years to come, until we moved away from the area. Certainly the best doctor’s appointment we ever had, and we sure miss it  now.


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