Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 15, 2012

Health Activist Hero Nomination Day #15 NHBPM

Day # 15 I nominated Sugey Cruz-Everts and Richard C. Everts for WEGO Health Activist Award.

Sugey and Richard working very hard to make awareness about autism, and always share every bits of information about new therapy or research articles.

The Tommy Foundation was founded in 2005 by them, and it flourished into a well-known and respected organization in Pennsylvania.They are responsible organizing countless events for children in a the autism spectrum. They created outreach program for the affected kids, young adults and their families. They created a documentary about autism, and families affected across the united states. The film is called The United States of Autism, where many families across the USA share their stories, their hopes about autism. This film brings families together who are coming from different background,  religion and culture. It represents how we are all in this fight together, and how we all hurt, yet we still keep our hopes for our children. The movie reveals a strong emotion about this disorder as well as give hope and encouragement for the future. It  expose the hardship, yet still shows the positive attitude of the children and their families.

Sugey and Richard took 40 days out of their lives to have this movie filmed, and countless more days to develop and make this movie for the general public. While the movie was created, they still continue their work in their community to help other families , to coordinate outreach programs, organize awareness events, and fun-filled activities for these very special kids and their families.

Sugey and Richard has a lot of knowledge about autism, they are familiar of every aspect of this disorder, and they share their knowledge with the general public.

Despite the hardship they experience with their ASD son, they never stop offering a helping hand to others.

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