Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 16, 2012

Comic Strip about Autism Day #16 NHBPM

Day #16  . When I was contemplating which prompt I should use , my daughter told me to choose the comic strip, and she volunteered to draw the pictures for my story. So enjoy it everyone, life can be a big comic strip sometimes if we look at it that way.

Raising an autistic child is a challenge, but sometimes answering questions about autism can be quite amusing.

Sometimes the questions or advises I get blows my mind, and I have to look twice the person to make sure that they are actually serious about what they saying. I am not sure if it is lack of education, or ignorance or just evil intention, but either way me and my daughter get a good laugh out of it. Here is our latest encounter that happened in the playground a few days ago. It took every inch of my body to control myself and not to start laughing.


  1. Salaam sister,been there too, lol. I was on the bus one day, my son had just been diagnosed so I was new to it, he was having a meltdown on the bus, which I didn’t have a clue about at the time, as one women got off the bus, she winked at the driver and exclaimed very loudly so all heard her, “Someone’s being extra naughty today, and needs a good smack”, I looked at her in horror and disbelief, and wanted to explain, but just didn’t, since that incident, I have adapted a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude towards people and some of thier strange questions, if they don’t understand I usually do explain that he is autistic and most of the time people do understand when you explain. Love the comic strip, I usually use them in the social stories and visuals for my son, he is into his Nintendo characters so much at the moment and also fireman Sam, so I draw his favourite characters to make social stories for him and laminate them too for keeps. All the best, xx

    • ws Zarina, It is certainly the best attitude toward ignorance. As years pass by we get stronger and wiser.

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