Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 17, 2012

My Strenghts and my Weaknesses Day#17 NHBPM

When my son was diagnosed with autism,it really rocked my life, but there were no time to feel sorry for my son or myself either. My strength always been is to try to solve problems that occurs in a best of my abilities. I do not like to waste time, and I always try to find solution to issues that bothersome, or needs to be done.This is certainly my strength, and always served me in a positive way.

Furthermore I do not rest until I find a resolution for the problems in my life. I search, and research, and even when I am on the right track I am always open to learn more. In my case, I am continuously searching for new information about autism, so I can better serve my son, and help him to be more self-sufficient, and perhaps he may be independent when he grows up.

Also, I developed a great deal of patience, which I consider my strength as well.

With a few of my strengths there are many  weaknesses that I have to deal with in a daily basis.

I always advice others how they have to make time for themselves, take time to rest, and be easy on themselves and have hope. Unfortunately I am still these days not following my own advice. I put a lot of pressure on myself , and trying to do as much work as I can in a given day. I feel  guilty if I do not teach my son for a certain amount of  hrs/day, if he doesn’t get his playground time, if he doesn’t get his nightly walking. Everything in between, I put a pressure on myself that he will spend his time in a constructive way.  I do not want to give myself any time, even when I could sleep in.  I force myself to get up and set up the classroom or set up the art projects I will be doing on that day or week.

My weakness is always been not allowing myself to rest, and even if I do it, I feel a tremendous guilt. Moreover, I always been very hard on myself  thinking I might not be doing enough for my son. I know these weaknesses will never lead to anything positive, and in time it will have a negative impact on me and the care of my children. I am getting better about it, but it will take some time until I truly follow what I always encourage others to do… rest.

I think our strengths and weaknesses make our life go on and learning from our mistakes, and relying on our positive attributes can really change us for the better.



  1. I feel like we are on the same boat,I exactly do the same things what you are doing constantly thinking and doing for my son the only thing which differs is I don’t think that it’s our weakness, we are on mission, mission to make our children’s life better and independent and for that we as mom sacrifice our rest which we are doing and believe me even if we wish and try we never get any rest at least until we make sure that our kids are there where they a suppose to be, I tried months to take rest or do something for myself but failed because at last we our only priority is our kids. That’s why I believe that there is jannah in mother’s feet.

    Good luck and pray for my son too and try to take rest.

    • Thank you Ayesha for your input. WE sure are in a same boat. Wish you and your family all the best.:)

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