Posted by: myautisticmuslimchild | November 20, 2012

Nature Heals Day #20 NHBPM

Day#20 Alternative treatments, medicines, regimens.

Being exposed to modern medicine alternative treatments were foreign to me. It is not that I do not believe in home remedies, it is just looked  strange. I accepted chicken soup for flu and cold, and honey for cough and that is far my knowledge and open mind took me.

My perspective changed rather quickly after my son had numerous medical problems, and nothing seemed to help, or if it helped the side effects made him even worse. Continues ear infections caused him to be on antibiotic almost monthly,because of his allergies he had to take two different kind of medications for years along with rescue steroids.  I had a whole pharmacy in my backpack, prepared for everything. It was a sad sight say the least, but it was necessary.

I remember the day when all started to break down, and I started looking into alternative treatment. My son started pulling on his ears a for sure sign for him for ear infection, I checked him with the otoscope and sure enough he  was sick again. It was after hours, so we had to go to urgent care which was packed. As I was driving home I discovered that I do not have his ear drops to calm the pain. I passed by the vitamin shoppe, and figured they might have something to help us. So we stopped and asked. While the lady helped me I told her about my story, and that just opened a flood of information for us. Needles to say we got natural antibiotic, ear-drops, and lots of useful information.

She told us to go try out the salt room for his allergies too , and we were told many kids with chronic ear infection benefited from that alternative treatment. Needles to say we scored high with the supplements and salt room.  From than on  we were frequent shoppers in that shop which was winding down to fewer trips. My son’s health improved dramatically.

We all improved a great deal, and our family was more relaxed happier, and we took much less medicine, actually we did not take any after a while. Salt room was a great addition for us. My son stopped taking Singular and Zyrtec, and he did not need any  steroids. Ear infections reduced and later completely diminished on him. My typical daughter who was ready to have her tonsils and adneoids out avoided the surgery just from the salt room. She used to snore so loud, I told her I do not ever need to go to see her in the room at night bc I can hear her from my room. The snoring and sleep-apnia disappeared completely. The benefit of something natural was absolutely amazing.

After these experiences I searched out information every time we had any problems. My ASD son’s sleep issues were resolved, making proper arrangement for proper nutrition was a best thing I had ever done for them. Juicing fruits and vegetables twice daily had improved the nutritional status, and reduced illnesses dramatically.

Alternative medicine might not replace  traditional medical treatment (although it did for us in some cases) but it sure makes life easier and healthier.



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